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What is your biggest fear when you have a baby? For me, I was scared my babies would stop breathing while they were sleeping. That is where the Cocoon Cam Baby Monitor comes in. I wish I had this when my babies were little.

Cacoon Cam Baby Monitor

Cocoon Cam baby monitor with breathing monitor

The Cocoon Cam (affiliate link) is the coolest baby monitoring system I have ever seen. Here are the features that make it my favorite baby monitor:

Real-Time Breathing Monitoring

You can see if your baby is breathing without entering the room. We all know that once you enter the room, you risk waking your baby. If your baby stops breathing, you will be notified with an alert and photo on your phone.

Cocoon Cam baby monitor with breathing monitor

The waves on the bottom are showing your baby’s breathing patterns. Check on your baby from anywhere at any time day or night.

Securely Monitor Your Baby

The video is protected with 128-bit encryption and processed securely in the cloud.

Crystal Clear Video With Sound

The video is in HD so you can clearly see your baby. Zoom into to see her closely. You can use the microphone and talk to your baby. Does she need a song to go back to sleep? You can sing to her when you are halfway across the world. How cool is that???

With the night vision, it doesn’t matter whether it’s day or night, you can clearly see your baby.

128-bit encryption and processed securely in the cloud

Alerts To Your Phone Instantly

If there are any changes to your baby’s status, you will receive an instant alert to your Android or iPhone.

128-bit encryption and processed securely in the cloud

Or to your Apple Watch.

Cocoon Cam baby monitor with breathing monitor

I like the activity log that shows your baby’s sleeping habits. Often the doctor would ask how my baby was sleeping. Well, my lack of sleep made it seem like he never slept, but I’m sure he did. It would have been nice to have a device that monitored that for me.

128-bit encryption and processed securely in the cloud

You can view the activity by day or week and see patterns in your baby’s sleep habits.

Easy Set-Up

Connecting the camera to the app on your phone is very simple. If you follow the directions and videos on how to properly install the camera above the crib, you should have no problem. If you run into any problems, they have support available just a phone call away to help you with your installation.

Cocoon Cam baby monitor with breathing monitor

Installing it correctly assures that the camera can see the entire crib. No matter where your baby is in the crib, you will be able to see her.

Why I Love The Cocoon Cam Baby Monitor

I have four kids. That means I went through FOUR babies and FOUR periods of endless sleepless nights. Some of those sleepless nights were because I would get up to check if the baby was sleeping.

Check on baby

I would hear something strange (or nothing at all) on the baby monitor we had. (The kind where you only hear your baby and you hear your neighbors more.) I would get up to check on my baby and of course, wake them up when I put my hand on their back to be sure they were breathing.

They thought it was time to play or eat. If I had the Cocoon Cam and was able to check if they were breathing without getting out of my bed, I am positive I would have had more sleep.

standing babies

There will be a time when your baby will stand in the crib and you will want to know that too.

Parent Will Worry

A device like this isn’t going to take away our worries. As parents, we will always worry. We may still get up sometimes to go check on our babies because we want to see with our own eyes. But there are many times where our fears get the best of us and the Cocoon Cam can calm your fears at those times.

If the Cocoon Cam (affiliate link) means getting one or even two extra nights of good sleep each week, it makes a HUGE difference in your sanity level!

Let’s Talk About the Cocoon Cam. Is this something that you could use in your house? Do you have any questions about the Cocoon Cam? 

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Disclosure: This is a Cocoon Cam sponsored post. I received the baby monitor in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own.