asus u32u es21 review amd dual core

My ASUS U32U-ES21 Ultra-Portable goes with me everywhere! I absolutely LOVE how small and portable it is. I can easily slip it into my purse or a small laptop bag and it doesn’t add any bulk or weight.

ASUS U32u-es21 laptop

In the past, when I travel, my shoulder always hurt a LOT because I would lug around a heavy laptop. A few weeks ago, I went to San Diego and brought my ASUS and I’m glad to say, my shoulder did not hurt.

asus u32u es21 review amd dual core

Here are some of my favorite features of the ASUS  U32U ES-21 with AMD Dual Core processor:

  • Only 4 pounds & thin, 1 inch at highest
  • 13.3 inch screen
  • Lithium-ion battery (I get about 7-8 and sometimes more with this battery)
  • 320 GB hard drive – enough room for lots of pictures, movies and digital scrapbooking kits
  • 3 USB ports so I can plug-in several gadgets to charge or transfer media to the laptop
  • keyboard is very easy to type on

asus u32u es21 review

The only complaint I have is that it does slow down when I am running Photoshop Elements and running something else. I plan to add more RAM which should solve that problem. Otherwise, I have not had any problems with it and it is perfect for browsing the internet, checking email and many other daily activities.

asus u32u es21 review amd dual core side view

We take this laptop with us when we travel now because it is so small and light. You may even find me at the dance studio or Taekwondo with my ASUS so I can work while I wait for kids.

asus u32u es21 review amd dual core

This ASUS U32U ES-21 laptop is perfect for a parent-on-the-go or a college student who wants a laptop to take to class everyday.

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