Apple’s App Store for the iPhone and iPad is about to hit 10 billion apps sometime soon. Apple recently decided to bring the apps to the Mac desktop with the App Store.

You will need to update your Mac iOS to version 10.6.6 if you would like to use the App Store. You will find the App Store under the apple in the upper left corner of your desktop as seen in the screen print here:



It will open up and you will see something similar to this:


There are both paid and free apps and they are split out by categories. There are not anywhere near as many apps as there are for the iPhone, but it has a very good start.


If you have not tried Evernote (link to App Store), I recommend you download it now. It’s free!


I have an article at MyBlogalicous about how to use Evernote.

As you can see below, the newest and most popular are first. You can search by category or see lists of Top Paid, Top Free and Top Grossing apps.


iWork and iLife Purchases

One of the coolest things about the App Store is that now you can download iMovie, iPhoto and GarageBand separately (links are to the App Store). I never use GarageBand, but I’ve always had to buy the full iLIfe version so I can update iPhoto & iMovie. The same goes for the iWork applications.

You can buy Pages, Keynote and Numbers (link to App Store) separately now. A lot of Mac software developers are offering their software here at the App Store for easy purchase, download and updates.

App Store Updates

At the very top of the App Store, you’ll see Updates (last icon). Whenever there is an update to software you have downloaded, you will see a number there (for the number of apps that need updating). You can click on “update all” and it’s a very easy update.

I like the App Store because it makes it so easy to find software for the Mac. It is all categorized with reviews. If you have a Mac, go check it out.