Last month, I attended the AMD Tech Mom Summit with Leticia Barr of and Kris Cain of This was the second Tech Mom Summit we attended at AMD. So often we equate a brand with just one product and we never realize the impact a company can have on many other industries.

AMD Tech Mom Summit

AMD Tech Mom Summit 2011 in Austin, TX at AMD

AMD Tech Mom Summit 2011 in Austin, TX at AMD

AMD Technology

I have always known that AMD made processors for computers, but I had no idea of the other industries that they touched. As an AMD Tech Mom, we saw many of the different technologies that AMD powers.

AMD Tech Mom - AMD technology

1. Movies. This surprised me the most because I couldn’t imagine how AMD would impact the movie industry. Robert Rodriguez, of the Spy Kids fame is harnessing the power of AMD technology in his film making.

2. Commercial Products. AMD technology is found in products like slot machines and digital signage.

3. Gaming. Have a Wii or X-Box? Then you are using AMD technology to power both the computer and the awesome graphics.

AMD tech mom fusion chip

Example of an AMD Fusion chip showing how small it is.

4. TV on your PC. AMD technology is also bringing TV to your PC with TV tuner cards for your PC.

5. Steady Video. Yes, AMD will help give you steady video. According to AMD,

Steady Video technology designed to eliminate shakes and jitters during the playback of home video.

Here is a great video showing the difference between using Steady Video and not using it.

6. AMD in Tablets. You will find AMD technology in Windows-powered tablets. (disclosure: I am a Windows Champion)

Tablet with AMD technology

Acer tablet with AMD technology running Windows 8.

Downtown Austin, TX

The AMD Tech Mom Summit was held in Austin, T. This is a view of downtown Austin from my hotel room. I love the skyline of Austin.

AMD Tech Mom

The AMD Tech Mom Summit was in Austin, TX.

And here it is at night.

AMD Tech Mom Summit

Downton Austin at night.

AMD Tech Mom Summit Instagram Style

You will hear a lot more about AMD technologies in the next year.

Disclosure: I am an AMD Tech Mom and I receive product and conference sponsorships in exchange for my participation as an AMD Tech Mom. All opinions are 100% my own.