Preparing the media kit
Image by Irina Souiki via Flickr

Below are 9 resources available online to help you write your blogging media kit. I am working on writing my media kit for this blog and for another blog. As I do with every project, I began by searching the internet for resources. These are the resources that I found the most useful (in no particular order).

  1. Media Kit Template for Mommy Bloggers – This is a good template to create a simple media kit for any blog.
  2. Mom Bloggers’ Tools for Writing a Media Kit –  Lists the various pieces of information you should have in your media kit along with some helpful tips.
  3. Writing Your Blog’s Media Kit – Another good list of items to include in your media kit along with an explanation of why you need one.
  4. Create a simple media kit with Microsoft Publisher – This gives you step by step instructions on creating a kit in Publisher, but also includes ideas on what to include along with a few hints and tips.
  5. Grow Your Blog: How to Create a Media Advertising Kit for Your Blog – This article includes links to some sample kits.
  6. How to Strut Yourself as a Small Blogger  – SITS Girls offer tips for small bloggers.
  7. Your Blog’s Media Kit – Answer both the what to include and the why you need a media kit for your blog.
  8. Create A Media Kit To Attract Advertisers To Your Blog – If you are creating your kit to attract advertisers to your blog, then be sure to read this article. Includes hints and tips that will help you attract advertisers.
  9. How PR Peeps and Mommy Bloggers can Work Together – An excellent article from Cathy of Web Savvy PR wrote an excellent article that gives both PR and bloggers insight into what the other side is looking for. This includes what PR is looking for in a media kit.
  10. BONUS! Blogging Media Kits Pinterest Board – Here is a link to my Pinterest board where I am collecting examples and tips for media kits.

This list by no means includes every resource, but these are the articles that I used while putting together my blogging media kit.

Let’s Talk!

Do you have a blogging media kit? What other resources have you found that could be added to this list?

Please include a link to your media kit if you have completed one.