Since Verizon starting offering the iPhone, I’ve had a lot of questions about which iPhone apps I use. I realized that I don’t write much about my iPhone apps even though I am an app junkie. I look at the new apps in the store almost every night before I fall asleep (yes, I’m not kidding!)

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So, here is my list of 11 iPhone apps that I use most days. I am not including the apps that come with the iPhone like mail and Safari because that’s not any fun and you all know those.

7 Free iPhone Apps Used Daily


Twittelator Free

Twittelator Free is a Twitter app. I have tried most of the free Twitter apps and this one works the best for me. I like that I can do everything I need to without having to access many screens. Price: Free (but there is a Paid version too)

Twittelator iPhone app



I love the Facebook app so much that I almost exclusively check Facebook on my iPhone. I like that I can sync my Facebook friends with my contacts too. Price: Free

facebook iphone app



Instagram is my newest obsession. Below is a sample of a picture taken with Instagram and I added an Instagram filter. The filters are underneath the picture. You can scroll to see more.

Instagram makes just about every picture look awesome. Then you can add a note, a location and share on several sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr right in the app. And if that wasn’t enough, you can friend people and see their Instagram pictures in your stream and “like” them or add comments. It is quite addicting.

Friend me on Instagram, I’m ScrappinMichele.

Here is an Instagram Tips Free App too. Price: Free.

Instagram iPhone App



I have not quite figured out the purpose of Path, but I like it because I can see a picture and add who was there, where I was and what we were doing. I do not share my pictures with anyone. It is more for my own purpose. You can add friends, but not many people I know are using it, so I think the true potential of the app is when you add friends. Price: Free.

Path iPhone App



IntoNow is a fun app. You open it up and let it listen to what you are watching on TV. It will find the show and you can share it with your friends. You will also get links to more information about the show. So far it has never been wrong. I even try to fool it during commercials and it always knows it’s not a TV show. I’m not sure how it works, but it’s fun. Price: Free

IntoNow iPhone app



I start out every morning putting my breakfast in SparkPeople with all intentions of tracking my food. Some days I make all the way, but most days, I never make it past breakfast. I’m working on this!! You can track your food, water, weight and exercise all from the iPhone app. Price: Free

SparkPeople iPhone app



WeatherBug is the first app I look at after my alarm goes off. That way I know how to tell the kids to dress when I go into their room to wake them up. I also use this when I travel so I know what to pack or how much warmer it is where I am than at home. 😀 Price: Free

WeatherBug iPhone app

4 Bonus iPhone Apps Used Daily



I use Google Calendar to keep all my calendars on my dozens of places synced. For some reason it wasn’t working well with my iPhone calendar, so I downloaded CCal which syncs directly with Google Calendar. There are a lot of added features that the iPhone calendar won’t do. Price: $5.99

CCal iPhone app



MobileRSS is what I use to read blogs. I rarely read them on my desktop. I either use my iPhone or iPad and I use the MobileRSS app on both. I like that I can directly send any post to Evernote or in an email. Not the link to the post, but the whole post. I send myself posts that I want to either remember or that I want to follow up on or comment on later. MobileRSS syncs with my Google Reader account. Price: $2.99 (There is a free MobileRSS version)

MobileRSS iPhone app



GoodReader for iPhone is where I keep PDF or Word files that I want to read. I have purchased many PDF e-books and I use GoodReader on my iPhone and iPad to read. I can also add notes and organize them into folders. Price: $2.99

GoodReader iPhone app



I use Momento for Scrapbooking. You pull many of your social feeds into Momento and you can add notes or pictures directly within the app. Then I can look at any day and see what I posted on Facebook, Flickr, my blog, etc. It’s fun to go back a year and see what you were talking about. Price: $2.99

Momento iPhone App

Let’s Talk! What apps do you use every day? Leave a comment and let me know. I’m always looking for new apps.