You can look at your competitors and completely different industries to help promote your products both online and offline. Today, as I sat in the McDonald’s drive-through line waiting for my Diet Coke and French Fries, I saw a sign at the business next door.

Bring in your receipt from McDonald’s and receive $10 off your next service.

This sign was at the tire place (one of 3 tire places in a 2 block radius). How brilliant, yet simple.

Cross Promoting is a Good Idea

I thought what a good idea for several reasons:

1. You could eat while they are working on your car. You don’t have to choose the McDonald’s, but if it saves you $10, it’s like getting the food for free.

2. Since there are three tire shops within 2 blocks, I’m going to use the one that will give me the $10 coupon because I eat at McDonald’s often, might as well get a deal too.

3. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen that sign while in the drive-through. I’ve probably seen it at least 5 times and this time it sunk in and I thought, “hmmm, do I need work on my car?” I even jotted down a note to talk to Jason and see if either of our cars needs some work soon because they have a great deal.

At first glance, it doesn’t seem like cross promoting a deal with tires and food would be a good idea, but if you are creative, it can work.

3 Way to Cross-Promote Your Products

This got me thinking about other ways to promote your products both online and offline. Here are a few of my idea:

1. Competitors. Yes, your competitors. Let’s take a book for example. Do you buy just one book? If you are anything like me, you need to buy many books/ebooks for every new project you begin. How about offering a coupon for a competitors book along with yours? And of course, having your competitor offer a coupon for your book as well.

Be sure it is someone you are comfortable promoting and putting your name next to yours. This wouldn’t work with every product. I can’t see buying a Honda and get a coupon for 50% off of a Toyota (although right now that might not be a bad idea for Toyota. LOL!)

2. Other Industries. So, maybe buying a car and getting a coupon for a competitor’s car wouldn’t work, but how about buying a car and getting coupons for several of the local businesses in the area? Most of us buy a car in the general area that we live in and it would be a great way to find out about new local businesses. In turn, the local shops could offer ads to the car dealer in their newsletter or elsewhere.

3. Pairing obvious items together. Going back to the car scenario… If you buy a car, offering deals for a local gas station or car wash.

There are so many opportunities for promoting your products while helping to promote others. It ends up being a win-win situation for everyone.

Let’s Talk!

Do you have any other ideas for creative ways to promote your products either online or offline?