I’ve have watched tech companies on Pinterest to see how they are telling their story through their boards on Pinterest for some time. I am very passionate about technology and digital storytelling, so when Pinterest showed up on the block, it was a match made in heaven.

scrappinmichele on pinterest tech brands

I also have a bit of a problem with collecting things and I love making vision boards which is perfect for Pinterest. I feel like Pinterest was created JUST for me. It’s like my second home now.

Pinning Tech Stuff

I pin many different things, but one of my favorite is orange technology.

Source: sony.co.id via Michele on Pinterest


But really any technology or gadget or gizmo is good to pin….

Tech Companies on Pinterest

I think Pinterest is a perfect tool for just about any brand because it is very visual. You can describe something to me in explicit detail, but show me a picture and I’m hooked. Here are some of the tech companies on Pinterest with enough pins to tell a story.

adobe tech companies on pinterestAdobe Systems

Adobe is a very visual company since they created software for photos, video and designing. It makes perfect sense that they have boards about photography and design. Their Creative Workspaces board shows how their love of design is not limited to their software.

amd tech company on pinterest


AMD has well-rounded and interesting Pinterest boards. Everything from laptops, accessories to spring flowers. You do not need to limit your pins to just your products. Add life to your company by pinning about life! AMD shows us that technology will not take over our lives because we can still enjoy the Spring flowers. 😀

animoto tech companies on pinterest video


Another very active tech brand on Pinterest. Animoto has a lot of examples of the videos they make for many occasions. Need an idea for a Mother’s Day video? Animoto has a board for that. They also have other fun boards about their team and unique videos to make with their product.

atomic reach tech companies on pinterest

Atomic Reach

Atomic Reach is all about bringing brands and bloggers together in a content community online, so it makes senses that they pin about different brands, social media and content marketing. Atomic Reach shows off their different communities (tribes) with Pinterest boards.

cnet tech companies on Pinterest brands


CNET’s Pinterest boards are all about technology and tips on how to use it. They include everything from old school technology to prototypes. CNET covers it all and you will find all the awesome technology here. They have broken it down into boards that will make it easier to find what you want like Kitchen Tech, Headphones, Tablets, etc.

cozi tech companies on pinterest


Cozi has a lot of boards that will show you ways to keep your family organized, plan meals, homeschool and even make us laugh or cry. These are all the activities that you would be using Cozi to help you do (well, hopefully not cry.) Brilliant use of Pinterest to show off the Cozi brand.

crowdbooster tech companies on pinterest brands


Crowdbooster‘s boards show what life is like at Crowdbooster. It puts a personal spin on the company.

Dell tech companies on pinterest


Dell has not pinned a lot, but what they have shows that the brand is about more than just its computers. They have boards about entrepreneurship and lifestyle and showing off Dell’s family history.

getglue tech brands on pinterest


The GetGlue boards are so much fun. GetGlue is an app where you check into TV shows you are watching and earn badges. GetGlue has created a board for some of the shows and show you the badges you can earn. It is so pretty. I love looking at the boards and it makes me want to use GetGlue more.

groupon.com tech companies on pinterest


Groupon has an interesting Pinterest board about working at Groupon. I love that idea. The Groupon boards make me want to go to Groupon and buy a travel getaway package! Their boards give me a sense of some of the deals I will find on Groupon.

hubspot tech companies on pinterest


HubSpot has a lot of pins for marketing and social media information. Infographics look so gorgeous on Pinterest (and they get repinned a lot.) They include boards about the different services and software they offer also. My favorite HubSpot board is “I HubSpot Because…” where customers can share their stories.

kidzvuz tech companies on pinterest


If you have tweens, then you are going to love KidzVuz Pinterest boards. KidzVuz is a site where tweens can review products and upload videos. Their Pinterest boards show some of the cool tween products that are available. Great place for tween gift ideas.

Kingston Technology companies on pinterest

Kingston Technology

Kingston Technology has Pinterest boards showing off their latest products and the best way to use it. They have also included reviews of their products in one board. Showing off some of your past products gives us a reminder of how far we have come with technology and is always fun.

klout tech companies on pinterest


Klout has included many pictures from events that Klout has hosted. You get to know the company and their team when you view their Pinterest boards.  Klout Perks is one of the benefits of having Klout, so they have a whole board dedicated to the Klout Perks. This includes photos from bloggers who have received Klout Perks. Including infographics about your industry or brand is a great visual way to give information.

kodak tech companies on pinterest


Kodak goes about social media a bit differently than the usual. Instead of having one Kodak account without a face, they have Jenny who is the Chief Blogger & Social Media Manager. There are also several other Kodak employees with accounts on Pinterest, but I’m focusing on Jenny’s account.

She has many boards showing off the different ways you can use pictures in projects and products. She also reminds us why we want to take pictures with several of her boards about pregnancy, babies, weddings and holidays. Kodak has a good blend of showing off their company, brand and the how and why we want to use their products.

panasonic lumix tech brands on pinterest

Panasonic LUMIX

The Panazonic LUMIX brand shows us the different cameras they offer and tips on how to take better photographs. I love the board which shows off their favorite photos.

samsung mobile us tech brands on pinterest

Samsung Mobile US

Samsung Mobile US does more than just show us their phones. They show us how stylish we will look with their mobile device along with videos and samples of different creations from the Samsung Mobile products.

shareaholic tech companies on pinterest


Shareaholic is all about sharing and have included boards with infographics and data about sharing and using social media. These definitely show off why we would want to use Shareaholic. The majority of their customers are bloggers, so they have included a board with gift ideas for bloggers.

skinnyscoop tech brands on pinterest


SkinnyScoop is all about sharing your knowledge with lists. SkinnyScoop is a community for women and that is clear by the different topics covered on their boards.

skype tech companies on pinterest


Skype does not have a lot of pins, but the one board they have, I love. It’s called “Favorite Skype Moments,” and it includes pictures of families using Skype to stay connected. What an awesome way to really show the story of using Skype. No better way than to show you, rather than tell you.

sony electronics tech companies on pinterest

Sony Electronics

Sony is one of my favorite tech companies on Pinterest because they are active and they are unique. Instead of just having a Sony camera board and a Sony video board, Sony has really embraced Pinterest and has awesome pictures showing examples of photos taken with their cameras and the beauty of the different colors of their products. They repin the wants of Sony fans.

Sony is a great example of clever ways to show off your brand. Their Pinterest boards tell the story of Sony. The Sony boards feed my passion for technology.

uncommon tech companies on pinterest


Uncommon offers art for your gadgets and they show off the different designs that are available. Their product is perfect for Pinterest because it is a visually pleasing product. They included an Uncommon Sightings board to show the Uncommon designs that customers have created. Customers love to see that a brand cares about its customers. Showing them off on a Pinterest board is the perfect way.

wacom tech brands on pinterest


Wacom is one of the tech companies on Pinterest with only a few boards, but I like how they have started. They show off the final products made using their Wacom tablets including digital scrapbooking projects.

wibiya tech brands on pinterest


Wibiya focuses on social media and blogging information. Showing off how fun it is to work at Wibiya is a great way to make the Wibiya brand more personal. They have included one board to show off the apps available for their Wibiya Bar, but most of their boards tell the story of their brand and give you information about why you would need their bar on your blog.

microsoft windows tech brands on pinterest companies

Windows on Pinterest

Windows is another very active tech brand on Pinterest. You will see boards with contests and photos showing off their products. The photos they choose for their boards are awesome, perfect eye candy. You will find the history of Windows and even some funny photos about Windows. They tell a story with their Pinterest boards.

Tech Companies On Pinterest Thoughts

There are many more tech companies on Pinterest, but they have not started pinning. It only counts if you use it. As they say about social media, they will talk about you whether you are there or not. Being active on Pinterest, will give you a great idea of what others are pinning about your tech brand on Pinterest.

Let’s Talk About Tech Companies on Pinterest!

Did I miss a tech company or brand that is active on Pinterest? Leave me a link below to their Pinterest page and I’ll add them. I love following tech companies on Pinterest!