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Last year I was voted one of the Top Tech Mom blogs at Circle of Moms. I was nominated again this year and would love to stay in the Top 25. This is a niche I’m very proud to be a part of and would love your vote. You can vote every day.

Please share this post with others if you think my blog deserves to be in the Top 25 Tech Mom Blogs of 2013.

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Thank you!

About Michele

A 40-something geek trying to juggle 4 kids, digital lifestyle blog, husband, running, living a healthy lifestyle and still find time for digital scrapbooking. Love Lifestyle Technology, Social Media, Fitness Gaming, Diet Coke, Running, PC & Mac Geek, Reading, Beach and anything with Glitter or Bling! I am addicted to learning and self-help books.

4 thoughts on “Please Vote for 2013 Top 25 Tech Mom Blogs

  1. I’ll be sure to give you a vote. I can just imagine how awesome it would be to be part of the top 25. More power to you and your blog!

  2. Hello ScrappinMichele! I’m always reading your posts and just to let you know, I find your blog to be a very good and empowering blog not just for moms but for every woman of today as well. You have my vote. Congratulations for being nominated once again!

  3. Congratulations on yet another nomination! And I’ll be sure to share this post on my site and I’ll tell my friends about it too. Just between us, you’re an empowering role model to women and mothers everywhere.

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