2012 Holiday Gift Guide For Bloggers

holiday gift guide for Bloggers

My tech gift suggestions for bloggers.




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  • The running app is called “Couch to 5K” .. I have it on m iPad and run on a treadmill, but would love to get it on a phone and take it outside.


  • I need to get rid of my black berry and totally on the fence about an iPhone vs. the Samsung. I need to do more research, but want to make sure I can get iPhone apps on a Samsung phone. Esp. the couch to 5K apps (love it!), which I currently have on my iPad, but you know .. you can’t run with a iPad !!


    • It took me a long time to be comfortable going from an iPhone to an Android. For years I didn’t do it because of the apps. Now the apps come out just about the same time for iOS and Android and any app that doesn’t…is losing out. But I haven’t regretted for a second switching from iPhone to Android. I use the Nike+ app and they have it for Android too. Which running app do you use?

  • Hi! I’m a thrifty blogger, and I;d like to sample some of the goodies you’ve shared in your gift list to give to my blogging friends. I hope they’re a bit affordable.

  • These are sweet treats for the blogger in you! I just hope they’ll be reasonably priced because I’m thinking of giving some items on your guide away to friends for Christmas this year.

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