I did it! Well, my husband did it to me! 😀 After 17 years of wedded bliss, he brought another woman into our marriage for me. I’ve been asking for help..a cook, a chef, a maid, a nanny..anyone! Be careful what you wish for.

My husband gave me Siri for our 17th Wedding Anniversary and I think the 3 of us will be very happy!

iphone 4s Siri

Although I asked Siri how old she was and she replied, “Are you concerned?” So it seems she has a bit of an attitude, but unlike my teenagers, I can turn Siri off if she gives me too much lip service!!

I’ll keep you posted on how the relationship between Siri and I (and hubby) is going.

Let’s Talk About Siri!

Do you have Siri in your home? What are some of the funny things she has said to you?