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Horses 3DSwill let you live out your dream of owning a horse. I remember wanting a horse when I was a little girl. I even took horse-back riding lessons, but it was winter in Wisconsin, so the lessons were inside. That was when we discovered I was allergic to hay. Had to nix the lessons.

Ubisoft Horses 3D 3DS Nintendo

The summer after I graduated from college, I went on a family vacation and we all rode horses. My horse was spooked by something, bucked up and threw me off. I landed on my tailbone and right hand. Broke my tailbone and my wrist. So, horses and I haven’t had a great relationship.

Playing Horses 3DS

When I got the Ubisoft Horses 3DS game, I started playing the game thinking that I would play it for a bit and then work. Well 3 hours later, I was still playing Horses. The game is soooo much fun.

Horses 3ds

You start by picking a horse and naming her (or him.) My horse is Sandee. I need to get to know Sandee, feed her, give her water and ride her a lot. My favorite part was riding to the beach. Because it is in 3D, it’s about as close to the beach as I am going to get for now.

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You are the Stable Manager so you need to be sure the horses have everything they need and train them to race in 4 different types of horse races. Honestly, I am not very good at the racing part.

horses 3ds

I love going after the hoof marks down the paths and collecting stars. Sometimes you ride alone and sometimes a friend will go along. The rides will usually have a mission like, collect all the stars and ride faster than your friend.

Horses 3DS & My Girls

My 13-year-old was a bit hesitant to play it because she thought it would be a game for little girls. I asked her to please play it so I could get her opinion of the game for my review. She loved it. She makes sure no one plays her game because she loves it so much.

horses 3ds ubisoft

The 2 screens you see while playing Horses 3DS

My 8-year-old heard us discussing Horses and of course she wanted to play too. She is currently hiding somewhere with the 3DS because she doesn’t want anyone to take it from her.

So, the game is fun for an 8-year-old, 13-year-old and even a 44-year-old girl. My boys didn’t want to play it, so it is definitely for girls.

horses 3ds

Let’s Talk About Ubisoft’s Horses 3DS!

Did you want a horse when you were a kid? Do you have a 3DS?

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