Join Me For Tweens And Communication Talk at TheMotherhood

Tomorrow I will be at TheMotherhood discussing Tweens and Communication. Tweens and Communication is really important topic to me.

Communication and My Family

I have a teen son (15), tween daughter (12) and another son (8) and daughter(7) right behind. The issues with tweens and communication starts early. I have seen my 7-year-old daughter have communication issues with her friends. Often she (or her friends) will get their feelings hurt because of something they “think” the other person said. When it all comes out, it is a communication issue. Once they talk about it, they realize that it was a big misunderstanding and everything is fine.

As a family, when things are stressful and we all are not getting along, we talk about it. I don’t want my kids to sit and stew. I would rather they scream and yell at me than give me the silent treatment. At least then I know what is going on in their head.

tweens and communication

Tweens and Communication Details

What: Tweens and Communication

When: Tuesday, October 4, at noon ET

Where: On TheMotherhood, here –

What: It isn’t always easy to maintain open communication with kids, who can become quieter and more self-conscious as they enter the tween years. We will exchange ideas and answer your questions about Tweens and Communication. It’s all part of Tween Academy on TheMotherhood, brought to you by Unilever.

Who: Renowned parenting expert Rosalind Wiseman, author of the New York Times bestseller Queen Bees and Wannabes (which the movie Mean Girls was based on), will lead the discussion along with me and 5 other blogger co-hosts:

Carmen, Mom to the Screaming Masses
Jen, Jael Custom Designs
Kailani, An Island Life
Kristin, Only Parent Chronicles
Dwan, MommaDJane

Giveaway! During the Talk, we will randomly give one participant a Vera Bradley tote bag filled with these items: momAgenda Desktop Planner; momAgenda Chores Pad; momAgenda Love Post-It Notes; one sample each of Dove, Degree Girl, and Degree Men deodorant; Rosalind Wiseman’s Queen Bees and Wannabes; Rosalind Wiseman’s Boys, Girls & Other Hazardous Materials.

The Twitter hashtag is: #DontFretTheSweat

Don’t Fret The Sweat

The Tween Academy at TheMotherhood is sponsored by Unilever, Don’t Fret The Sweat. You remember Dont Fret The Sweat? Don’t Fret The Sweat sponsored the contest my family won (our trip to Los Angeles to see Cody Simpson.) That has nithing to do with this. Be sure to “like” the Don’t Fret The Sweat Facebook page. Join us for the Tweens and Communication talk tomorrow.

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Disclosure: I am receiving no compensation for this post and participation in the Tweens and Communication discussion. All opinions are 100% my own. Unilever sent me a gift pack as a Thank You for my participation.

Let’s Talk About Tweens and Communication!

How do you keep open lines of communications with your tween? Do you have any questions about Tweens and communication?

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  19. It is really very tough to make children speak especially after they become self conscious. One of my friend’s daughters, after experiencing periods for the first time, became too closed up and never spoke anything even when spoken to. My friend took a leave for a week to spend some quality time with her and make her express her concerns.

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