Have you seen the new Connections Toyota commercial?

Every time I see the Toyota commercial, I think back on my life. There were so many memories that I have that involved a Toyota. I have pictures of some of the Toyota cars from my past, but not all. Some of them are from way back in the olden days when we didn’t have digital cameras.

So, here is my life remembered in Toyota cars


I remember my parents buying 2 brand new Toyota cars. It was the first cars that I really remember well in my life. They bought a Toyota Tercel and a Toyota station wagon (I think it was a Corolla, but I’m not positive.)

toyota station wagon

My sister and the back of our Toyota station wagon.


I learned to drive in our Toyota station wagon.


I learned to drive stick shift in our Toyota Tercel.


I graduated from High School and by this time the Toyota Tercel had become my car (or at least the car I drove, until my sister learned to drive, then I had to share.)

1986 – 1987

I drove the Tercel to and from college.


I bought my very first car (well, I leased my very own car.) It was a red Toyota Tercel. My Dad went with me so we were sure I would get a good deal (and I did.) I remember buying it from Jack Safro Toyota in Brookfield, WI.

blue Toyota Corolla

My blue Toyota!


I totaled my first Toyota. Sad….sad…day! Because it was a lease (and this was before gap insurance) we did a transfer of collateral. I now had a blue 1989 Toyota Tercel. I remember trying to drive that car with a broken wrist (right wrist and it was a stick shift car.)


My Dad and I went in together and bought a small Toyota truck. I drove it most of the time, but he drove it if he needed it to haul stuff around.

toyota truck

My black Toyota truck.


I met my husband on AOL and one of the things we had in common was that we both drove Toyota trucks (match made in heaven). Mine was black and his was blue.


My husband and I bought our first car together. It was a red Toyota Corolla and it’s the car we had when we got married.

toyota carolla

Just married in a Toyota. That is me in the wedding dress!


We had a baby and now the Corolla wasn’t big enough anymore. We needed a Camry.

Nathan in our Camry

Nathan asleep in our Camry. He slept often in a Toyota.


Washing the blue Toyota Camry with Daddy.

washing Toyota Camry

Jason washing his Toyota!


We moved to Wisconsin and bought a second car, a blue Toyota Corolla.

1998 toyota corolla & 1997 Toyota Camry

A Toyota Corolla and Camry in our garage.


My sister moved in with us and she needed a car. We helped her buy a 1998 Toyota Corolla and she still owns that car today and it is still running.


We had a second baby and clearly needed a mini-van. We bought a Toyota Sienna.

Toyota Sienna

Here is a scrapbook page I created showing my husband washing the cars. He was always washing the Toyota cars.

Toyota car wash2001

We traded in the blue Camry for a silver Camry. The kids loved helping Jason wash it.

silver Toyota camry2004

We traded in the silver Camry for a beautiful red Camry.

toyota camry


My husband informed me that I left out one car and it probably was because it was also a red Toyota Camry, so I didn’t realize it was different than the one above when I was searching through thousands of pictures.  There was a 2007 Toyota Camry SE also.


This leads us to our most recent purchase. Another red Toyota Camry….

2012 Toyota Camry

Cars and Memories

Our latest Camry has so much technology in it and is quite different than that first Toyota back in 1980. But one thing is clear…our cars are more than just cars. They are memories! Every time we bought a new car, we got it all cleaned up and took pictures of it in the sun when it looks the most beautiful.

My son is now 15 and he is learning to drive in a red Toyota Camry. So often as we think back on our memories, we always relate them to which house we were in and which car we had. Toyota has been there through much of my life!

Disclosure: This post is written as part of my involvement in TWIN and the Clever Girls Collective. All opinions are 100% my own. #ToyotaWomen

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