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Magic School Bus on Netflix #streamteam

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My kids will often watch some of the old shows that I loved to watch as a kid on Netflix. My older kids will watch some of the throwbacks from when they were really little. These throwback shows are great to watch on rainy summer days when the kids can’t go outside. Make some popcorn and watch some throwbacks!!

Here are some of our favorites:

Power Rangers on Netflix #StreamTeam

The nice thing about Power Rangers is there are plenty of throwback shows since it’s been on for so long. My oldest was really into Power Rangers and we will watch these as a family once in a while for a few good laughs.

Clone Wars on Netflix #streamteam

The Clone Wars is an animated Star Wars series. My boys love to watch these episodes (and they are a teen and a tween, so it’s good for many ages.)

Magic School Bus on Netflix #streamteam

The Magic School Bus is one of my favorite shows. My kids watch them as a little kid and they tell me they often watched them in school when they were learning a certain topic. I watched it with my kids and I learned a lot.

Inspector Gadget on Netflix #streamteam

I don’t know if any of you remember the McDonald’s Happy Meal toy that was the Inspector Gadget. You got it in pieces and it all went together to become one huge Inspector Gadget made up of smaller spy toys. My oldest loved that toy and that was the start of our Inspector Gadget watching days.

The Smurfs 2 on Netflix #streamteam

The Smurfs is more of a throwback for me. I remember the little blue guys from my tween/teen years. I worked in a toy store and the toys were so hot that we could not keep them in stock. Now my kids are watching The Smurfs 2 on Netflix.

Scooby-Doo on Netflix #streamteam

As a kid, I watched Scooby-Doo with my sisters and I didn’t always like it, but I kept watching. Now that I’ve watched it with my kids, I love it. So even if you didn’t like this one as a kid, give it another try.

Cat in the Hat on Netflix #streamteam

The Cat in the Hat is one of my favorites. I love the TV show, the movie and the rides at Universal in Orlando. I read all the books to my kids and we love to watch the shows on Netflix.

Spiderman on Netflix #streamteam

Spiderman, Spiderman, does whatever a spider can… I can still hear that song in my head. Every time I hear my boys watching it, it takes me right back to my childhood. It’s definitely one of the classics. I prefer the cartoon over some of the more recent movies.

What throwbacks do you and your kids watch on Netflix?

Netflix Stream Team #streamteam #spon

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