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Since I have dedicated many of my Toyota posts to my son learning to drive, I decided to write a post with information about teens driving. It is a scary time for both teens and parents.

Teens, Texting & Driving

First, I found this video that some teens created for a Toyota PSA contest about texting and driving. It really hits home for me.

I will definitely be showing that to my 16-year-old.

Teaching Your Teen To Drive

I found this infographic with awesome information about teaching your teen to drive.

Teen Driving Information

Next, I scoured the internet looking for good information about teens driving and here are several of the sites I found:

Toyota Driving Expectations

This program holds events in various places and they put teens through real life driving experiences in a safe environment. According to Toyota, it is a series of programs designed to empower and educate teens and parents about driving and road safety.

Motor Vehicle Safety

I was surprised to find teen driving information on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website. The CDC offers some really good facts and statistics about teens and driving.

Teen Driving

This website is for teens and new drivers. It was started by a teen because many of his friends in high school were getting into accidents, some fatal. Excellent place to send your teen driver for information.

National Safety Council

This website offers more than just teen driving safety, so this is a great resource for everyone. I have linked to the teen safe driving section.


PFSTD is Partners For Safe Teen Driving. They offer good information for both Parents and Teens.

Teen Safe Driver Program

This program is offered by American Family Insurance. I like that they offer a pledge that your teen can sign.

Under Your Influence

This is another one that surprised me.  This is offered by the Department of Safety and Homeland Security in Tennessee. I liked the name of the program, Under Your Influence. The program reminds parents that teens need their influence.

Those are just a few of the resources I found with excellent information for families with teen drivers.


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