digital taking over my life

Tech taking over?

My tag-line is “Technology to enhance your life,” but how can technology enhance our lives?

Our children will grow up in an entirely digital world. There will be no escaping technology.

Will they have the same quality of life as generations before them?

Will Technology Enhance Life?

Let’s explore the ways that technology enhances our life…

My computer connects me with friends and family and introduces me to new friends. Because of the computer, I am able to work at home which means I am here for my children. It is also where I create all my scrapbook pages (my addiction hobby) and scrapbooking is a sanity saver for me.

While watching the Olympics with my kids, I’m working on my laptop & getting enhanced info about the Olympics from the NBC Olympics app.

My cell phone allows me to take those connections with me wherever I go. I can share my daughter’s dance recital with my parents as it is happening. I never miss a cute moment because I always have a camera/video recorder in my hand. When I am lost, I can quickly look up the correct directions and the GPS will get me there on time.

meeting friends online

Great friends that I have met online and are now some of my closest friends.

My laptop allows me to see my children in video when I’m away from home. I can scrap my vacation pages while I am still on vacation. It allows me to work and scrap while stuck in an airplane for 6 hours. (I actually look forward to long airplane trips now. It is 6 hours of uninterrupted time where someone brings me food and drink.)

cell phone lifestyle technology

Capturing all the moments of my life.

My iPad allows me to bring my entire book collection with me wherever I go. When we are on vacation and wonder about the history of a particular building, I can look it up and satisfy inquiring minds while they are still wondering.

technology to enhance our lives

My mp3 is the only way I can run a half marathon or sit on the bike for an hour. I can escape to a beach in the Bahamas with the sounds of water to ease the stress of the day.

running my first half marathon

I am still running my first half marathon and almost finished!

Yes, sometimes all the gadgets and gizmos may seem like they are taking away from our lives, but we must not allow that to happen. We control the devices and how we use them. Anytime I am considering a new gadget, my first thought is, “how is this going to enhance my life?” If it won’t, then I don’t need it.

Digital at Dinner

And, yes, sometimes, we end up at the dinner table and we all look like this…

technology at dinner

But, as you can see, I captured that moment because it is part of our lives. And the next moment we may all be laughing about how it looks with all of us at the dinner table with our phones. Life isn’t always “Kodak moments,” but we do have enough of those “Kodak moments” to balance out the “phone at dinner table” moments.

The Next Generation

The next generation will do as those have done before them and make the best with what they are given. It seems that the old folks think the young folk are going to ruin their lives with whatever new “thing” they are into whether it be rock ‘n roll or gadgets. Yet, in the end, those young folks grow up to be old folks and somehow manage to live a fulfilled life!

Let’s Talk About Our Digital Lives!

How do your gadgets enhance your life? Do you feel technology is taking over our lives? How do you control the tech in your life? Will the next generation have the same quality of life as we did?