Today is SuperHero Day and to celebrate, I have my very own PowerCape. Being a SuperHero doesn’t mean you can leap single buildings in a single bound, but rather it means that you are a good person. Anyone can be a SuperHero!

power cape adult superhero dayThe “M” is for Michele, not mom because I am definitely not SuperMom! The really cool thing about PowerCapes is that you can create any cape you want with the colors and letter that fits you best. I obviously created mine using orange, pink, purple and sparkle.

power capers orderThe colors of the cape looked even better than I imagined them and the sparkles are really pretty. The cape is a satin orange and feels exactly like I expected it to feel.

PowerCapes To The Rescue

PowerCapes offers both custom made capes and they have a huge selection of ready-made capes available for both kids and adults. Even Tori Spelling and her kids have PowerCapes.

tori spelling kids power capesI’m SuperMichele because I try to be the best me I can be. Although if I could have any super power, it would be to fly. I would love to go anywhere I wanted at any time.

powercape custom made capes

Let’s Talk About SuperHeroes!

What super power would you have if you could pick one?