Reading Under the Stars in the Summer #SummerReading

Summer Reading Under the Stars with Scholastic & EVEREADY

Summer Reading Under the Stars with Scholastic & EVEREADY

Last month, I told you about my expectations for summer reading for my kids. This month we took our summer reading outdoors to read under the stars. Scholastic provided the books and information about the stars and EVEREADY® provided the flashlights so we could read outside and enjoy the night sky while reading.

Summer Reading

Summer Reading ChallengeReading Under the Stars

My kids and I took a blanket, flashlights from EVEREADY®, a book and the Scholastic constellation guide and headed outside.

summer reading

It was still a little light out, so at first we read. It was interesting to look up and see how the stars started to come out as the sky got darker and darker. We discussed what our books were about and what it would be like to live in the book they are reading. (That was very interesting.)

EVERREADY flashlights

Nicky and Megan were thankful for the EVEREADY® flashlights when it got dark. As more stars came out, they wondered what else was out there in the universe. Were there other planets somewhere with kids who were reading books and looking up at the night sky like us?

The stars at nightMy son will often ask why he has to read. I took this opportunity (since he didn’t ask) to explain how cool it was that they wondered about other kids in the universe. Wouldn’t it be neat to read a book about kids on other planets? My son said, “That would be fun.”

Reading Under the Stars

And it was like a light bulb (more like a flashlight) went off in his head. He realized reading can take him to many places. Hmmmm…I think I’ve heard that before (from me.)

summer reading challenge

Scholastic is making reading fun this summer with the Reading Under the Stars challenge.

Reading Under the Stars Summer Reading challenge by Scholastic & EVERYREADY

As kids log their minutes online, they will unlock new constellations. Then go out and find those constellations in the night sky.

Summer Reading Challenge by Scholastic

What are some of your favorite summer reading books?

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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Scholastic and EVEREADY. All opinions are 100% my own.

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