So, you saw the before garage makeover pictures and you saw the garage installation pictures and now you will get to see the after garage makeover pictures. I have looked for years for storage for the garageand never found anything that I liked. I’m not sure why I never thought to look into the professional installations of storage, but I didn’t.

Storage For The Garage

Here are before and after pictures of all the storage for the garage we have now.

garage makeover before 01

Before - Left Side Wall

After - Left side wall - I love the baskets that pull out on the bottom.

locker mudroom for storage for the garage

Close-up of the lockers on the left side wall. These are my favorite part of the makeover. Awesome storage for the garage. We added a mudroom to our garage.

Before garage makeover

Before - Whole back of the garage.

after garage makeover

After - Whole back of garage. Now, look at all that storage for the garage.

Before - garage makeover

Before - Right Side Wall

After storage for the garage

After - Right Side Wall. This is all my husband's side for his tools & car washing stuff.

Before - storage for the garage

Before - Back Wall of the Garage

After - back wall of the garage

After - Back wall of the garage. I love how big & deep these are. Tons of storage for the garage.

another angle of back wall

Another angle of the back wall.

And here is the after video walk-through. View the video I did before the garage was completed.

 Let’s Talk About Storage For The Garage!

Do you have organizers in your garage? Any tips & ideas for keeping the garage clean?