Sid the Science KidTomorrow is the last day of school for my kids. I am as excited about it as my kids are. I LOVE the summer. Sleeping in, hanging out at the pool, taking walks after dinner, going to the beach and maybe even a campout! Sid the Science Kid is kicking off summer with a backyard camp.

Sid the Science Kid

On Monday, June 20th, the new Sid episode “Sid’s Backyard Campout” debuts and will feature Sid and his dad spending a fun-filled day answering questions about the outdoors while camping out in their backyard. My family will be doing the same.

Sid the Science Kid is an animated television series on PBS Kids aimed at teaching kids that science can be fun. I mentioned to my daughter that we were going to have a backyard campout just like Sid the Science Kid and she told me they watch some of the episodes during science in school. She thought Sid was cool!

Sid the Science Kid

Sid’s Backyard Campout

We will be making some fun campout foods like pigs in a blanket and s’mores while exploring our backyard. My family is so excited about starting our summer with a Sid the Science Kids backyard campout. We are going out over the weekend to buy a tent. We’ve been talking about it for year, so this was the reason we needed to do it.

Check the PBS site for Sid the Science Kid time and station near you. Then plan a backyard campout just like Sid the Science Kid and his dad. If you are curious about the show, you can catch a few clips of Sid the Science Kid on YouTube. Here is a clip about Exercise.

Disclosure: I received a Sid the Science Kid backyard campout package in exchange for this review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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