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The hardest part of getting my kids to read was finding books my kids wanted to read. For each of my kids, they started to read more when they found a book they enjoyed. Sounds so simple, but that is often the problem when you have kids that don’t like to read. They just don’t like to read what they have been given.

Branches books by Scholastic for kids ages 5 to 8 who are ready to move from the early reader books, but not ready for the traditional chapter books. Covers topics that kids that age will enjoy reading. #ScholasticBranches #Sponsored

Scholastic has a new line of books for kids ages 5 to 8 called Branches. Branches is for the kids who are learning to read and are ready to move from early reader to the next level. But the chapter books often look intimidating to kids that age. Branches offers books that fills that gap with a variety of topics that are perfect for that age group.

Features of Branches Books by Scholastic

The Branches books are ALL series books. When your child finds a book they like, they can continue to read about that character.

This is my favorite feature because I know that when I found a book for my kids they wanted to read, I was ready to buy EVERY book in that series to keep them reading. 

Branches books have simple plot lines, pictures on every page and cliffhanger chapter endings (which means your child will WANT to read the next chapter to find out what happens next.)

As a child, I always had problems with comprehension, so I know what it’s like to read something and not understand it. With the simple plot lines, your child can keep up and that will help with their self-confidence. 

Scholastic Branches books for kids ages 5 to 8. #ScholasticBranches

Branches offers 14 different series. Whether your kid likes comedy books, dragons, magic or chickens, with 14 series, you will find a book in the Branches line your child will enjoy.

Don’t forget, once they find a book they like, there are more books in the series to keep them reading. 

Branches books have characters that your 5 to 8-year-old can relate to. This helps them enjoy the book because they can see a bit of themselves in the characters.

Parent Guides for Scholastic Branches Books

Here are two guides that will help you with choosing the books and how to discuss the books after your child has read the book. You can find more guides and information at the Scholastic Branches website.

Download by clicking on the orange titles below.

Leveling Guide: Find the perfect Scholastic Branches book for your child’s reading level.

Spark a Conversation: Helps you discuss the books with your child after they finished reading.

Scholastic Branches books for kids ages 5 to 8. #ScholasticBranches

The 4 Books In The Scholastic Branches Prize Pack

Book 1: OWL DIARIES: Eva’s Treetop Festival

Eva Wingdale gets in over her head when she decides to create a Bloomtastic Festival at school. This series will appeal to kids who love stories about animals and friendship!

Book 2: KUNG POW CHICKEN: Let’s Get Cracking!

Gordon Blue was just like any other 2nd Grader, until he became the SUPERHERO known as Kung Pow Chicken. This looks like a book I would want to read!

Book 3: EERIE ELEMENTARY: The School is Alive!

Sam Graves discovers (on his first day as hall monitor) that his elementary school is ALIVE! And not only is the school alive, but it is evil! Wow!!!

Book 4: DRAGON MASTERS: Rise of the Earth Dragon

Eight-year-old Drake becomes a dragon master in training.

Scholastic Branches Giveaway

Scholastic Branches Giveaway Prize Pack of 4 Branches books #ScholasticBranches #Giveaway

One (1) winner will receive the following four books:

  • Owl Diaries: Eva’s Treetop Festival;
  • Kung Pow Chicken: Let’s Get Cracking;
  • Eerie Elementary: The School is Alive!;
  • Dragon Masters: Rise of the Earth Dragon.

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Disclosure: This is a Scholastic sponsored post. I received books from the Scholastic Branches line in exchange for this post.