scents bring back memories

Have you ever been in the mall walking through the perfume department and found that scents bring back memories? You may not know what the scent is, but you smell something and BAM…you get a picture in your mind of a moment in time. That happens to me a lot especially at the holidays. (Sponsored post for SheSpeaks/Febreze.)

Scents Bring Back Holiday Memories

Each year as we unpack our holiday decorations, the memories come flooding back to me. As we put up the tree, I can remember that same smell from my childhood.

Febreze Hoiday scents

I have a lot of candles that I only bring out during the holidays. i love unwrapping the foil from around the candle and the scent comes out as the foil comes off. I light the candle and I’m immediately brought back to family holiday dinners from years past.

Sugar cookie vanilla smell

I can smell the vanilla from the candle which brings me to the vanilla from the cookies we make every year. I’m reminded of the early years when my kids wanted to help and ended up with more flour on them and on the floor than was in the cookies. I can now laugh about it because my kids are old enough to bake the cookies without me.

Scents Bring Back Feelings

I love the way certain smells will make a home feel so warm and inviting. My favorites are always the spices because it smells like you’ve baked up a storm when in reality, you just bought a new candle.

Holiday Febreze scents

Febreze Holiday Collection

Febreze has come out with a new Holiday Collection of candles and air fresheners available at WalMart. I received the Cranberry Cider scent from SheSpeaks and Febreze.

cranberry cider

#FebrezeHolidayAnd the bottom Set & Refresh design is now in my bathroom:

cranberry cider in the bathroom febreze

The package also included a really cute pop-up book called Scent Storybook. The second photo above is the inside pop-up page for the Febreze Cranberry Cider scent.

scent storybook

Disclosure: I received the Febreze samples from SheSpeaks and Febreze for this post. All opinions are 100% my own. 

What scents bring back holiday memories for you?

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