safely logoAs a parent, I wish I had the time to watch all 4 of my children 100% of the time, but it physically isn’t possible. I rely on tools to help me when I can’t be there and Safely Social Monitor is a free service that helps me watch what my son is doing on Facebook.

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I do have my son’s password and I set up the account for him. I have friended him and I periodically go online and check who he is friending and his privacy settings, but I can’t be there 100% of the time to see every update that he makes. That is where Safely Social Monitor comes in.

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Safely Social Monitor is part of a trio of Familyware including Safely Locate and Safely Drive software services that will increase parent’s awareness of activities when they are not with their child.

Safely Social Monitor Works

Safely Social Monitor provides both an overview of your child’s Facebook account including friends, pictures, average age of friends and more and a weekly email with all of your child’s status updates.

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If your child publishes an update that is questionable, you will receive an alert via email, which I received last month. The update mentioned sex, but it was used in the context of sexual abuse victims, so the update was ok. But I was glad that I received the email because it gave me the opportunity to ask my son some questions and find out how much he knew about sexual abuse and we discussed what to do if you are ever in that position. This is a conversation I may not have had if Safely Social Monitor hadn’t made me aware of the update.

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Sign up for a free Safely Social Monitor account at the Safely website. Safely provides Safely Spotlight,  has a free digital parenting guide with tips and advice, available on the Safely Facebook page. Follow @Safely on Twitter.

Disclosure: This review of Safely Social Monitor is a compensated post sponsored by Location Labs. All opinions of Safely Social Monitor are 100% my own.

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Are your children on Facebook? How do you monitor their activity?