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Tis the season to decorate! Do you go crazy with decorations for the holidays? I love the time from Thanksgiving through the end of the year. All the lights as you drive through neighborhoods. Getting out all my decorations that have been hidden away for 11 months.

I never thought about adding live plants and flowers to my holiday decor. ProFlowers contacted me and asked if I’d like to try adding live plants and flowers and take photos to share with you.

Holiday Decorating With Live Flowes from ProFlowers and Live Plants from ProPlants #Spon

ProFlowers Delivers to Your Doorstep

One of the best features of ProFlowers and ProPlants is the delivery. I didn’t have to drive all over town finding the flowers and plants, they were delivered to my doorstep. First I got two boxes from ProFlowers.

ProFlowers delivered to my doorstep with holiday decorations.

And then more boxes from ProPlants arrived.

ProPlants delivered to my doorstep with holiday decorations.

Each box comes with directions to be sure you get the longest life out of the live flowers and plants.

ProFlowers and ProPlants conducted a holiday survey and I’ll be sharing some of the interesting findings throughout this post.

Decorating for the Holidays With ProFlowers

Now the fun part….decorating my house with the live flowers and plants. I wanted flowers in my entrance so when guests arrive, they will immediate see live flowers.

Live holiday flowers from ProFlowers.

I was surprised that the holiday survey found that 39% of Americans who decorate for the holidays stick with the traditional red and green color scheme. I thought it would be much higher.  Most of my holiday decorations are red, green and gold.


Holiday Dining Room Centerpiece

I added the candle and pine rectangle centerpiece to my dining room table. I love candles and adding the live plant around it just adds a rustic feel and makes the room feel cozy and comfortable.


59% of those who decorate for the holiday will add new decorations each year. We do that too. We always buy the kids new ornaments and I’ll buy new pieces when I see them in the store.

Holiday candle centerpiece from ProPlants

The small potted Christmas Rosemary is on my fireplace. Once we get our holiday decorations out, I’m going to add a few small ones to the tree to make it more festive.

ProPlant potted Christmas Rosemary

80% of Americans add live holiday decorations each year. I guess I’m one of the few 20% who have never done it.

Holiday Wreath

No house would be decorated for the holidays without a wreath. And now I have to take back what I said. Some years we do have a live wreath, so I have decorated with live decor. I love the rustic look of this wreath with the different plants and pine cones. Its’ different from any other wreath we’ve had before.

Live wreath for holiday decorating

52% of those who decorate with live flower and plants do it because of the smell. Nothing like the smell of Christmas trees to take you back to your childhood.

This small Countryside Charm centerpiece is on my kitchen table. We have a bit of holiday cheer each night with dinner.

ProFLowers Holiday cheer

ProFlowers works directly with the growers which because it’s less time from flower field to your doorstep. This means you get the freshest flowers possible!


And last, but not least, my fireplace mantle is decorated with the 10 lb box of boughs from ProPlants.

10 lb box of boughs from ProPlant for holiday decorations

ProPlants works directly with the plant growers to get you the freshest plants and guarantees they will be fresh for 14 days.


The live flowers and plants have added a cozy feel to my home. Every time I walk past the flowers or centerpiece, it makes me happy.

ProFlowers Holiday Giveaway

ProFlowers is providing one(1) rustic burgundy centerpiece similar to the one I received as a giveaway. Be sure to read the terms before entering (click on the lines in the upper right corner of the giveaway widget.)
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Let’s Talk About Holiday Decorations

What colors are your holiday decorations? Do you decorate with live plants and flowers?

Disclosure: I received all the plants and flowers from ProFlowers and ProPlant in exchange for this review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are my own.