7 Planning Tips To Help You Reach Your College Goals + Giveaway

Seventeen: College Goals An Insider's Guide to Finding and Getting Into A School You'll Love by the Editors of Seventeen Magazine. @Seventeen  #College Goals

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Do you have college goals but aren’t sure how to reach them? My two older kids have gone through the process of finding the college that is helping them reach their goals. It takes some work, but you can find and get into a school that will help you reach your college goals and eventually your life goals.

College goals

My daughter has been working for the last few years to get into the right college so she can go to nursing school. Just last week, she was accepted into the nursing school of her dreams. She reached one of her college goals.

College Goals Planning Tips

Whether you know precisely what you want to major in or not, it’s important that you find a college you will love. You will be spending four years there and you want to feel comfortable. Here are a few tips to help you:

  1. Visit a college close to you early. When you start visiting schools, you don’t know what questions to ask or what to look for. We found after we visited the first college, we had a better idea of what to look for in the search. So get that first visit done early and you will have a better idea of what you are looking for.
  2. Go to college fairs. If your community or school has a college fair, attend it. It’s an opportunity to talk with representatives from many different schools. You may find a school that isn’t on your radar and have the chance to talk to students from that school.
  3. Take a lot of pictures, videos, and notes during college visits. You think you will remember everything, but you won’t.
  4. Create a list of what you want and don’t want from the college of your dreams. Putting it in writing is helpful.
  5. Apply early! It helps you get through your senior year of high school if you have your college applications completed early in the year.
  6. Enjoy the journey of finding your perfect college. It can be stressful and you may wish it to be over, but enjoy the journey. It will go by fast.
  7. Seventeen: College Goals – This book is a combination of planning tool and journal to help you achieve your college goals.

Seventeen: College Goals An Insider's Guide to Finding and Getting Into A School You'll Love by the Editors of Seventeen Magazine. @Seventeen  #College Goals

Seventeen: College Goals

An Insider’s Guide to Finding and Getting Into A School You’ll Love by the Editors of Seventeen Magazine.  Published by Bluestreak Books, an imprint of Weldon Owen.

Seventeen: College Goals An Insider's Guide to Finding and Getting Into A School You'll Love by the Editors of Seventeen Magazine. @Seventeen  #College Goals

The book starts with planning in your junior year. I suggest you purchase it now even if your daughter is a Freshman or Sophomore. I’m giving it to my daughter who will be a Freshman next year. She has already looked it over and fell in love with the book.

There is so much good information in this guide.

  • Writing an essay
  • Yearly to-do lists
  • SAT/ACT test tips
  • Journaling
  • Self-care tips
  • Doing Laundry

Seventeen: College Goals An Insider's Guide to Finding and Getting Into A School You'll Love by the Editors of Seventeen Magazine. @Seventeen  #College Goals

There is space for writing a practice essay, learning more about yourself, keeping track of your accomplishments for the college application, tracking school visits notes, and so much more. It takes you right up to the moment you move into the dorms and start college.

Seventeen: College Goals An Insider's Guide to Finding and Getting Into A School You'll Love by the Editors of Seventeen Magazine. @Seventeen  #College Goals

This planner takes care of the whole you during the college application process. It is important to take care of yourself. It is a very stressful time and you don’t want to let it get the best of you.

Seventeen: College Goals An Insider's Guide to Finding and Getting Into A School You'll Love by the Editors of Seventeen Magazine. @Seventeen  #College Goals

Giveaway – Seventeen: College Goals

Giving away: $50 Visa Gift cardc & (1) Seventeen: College Goals An Insider's Guide to Finding and Getting Into A School You'll Love by the Editors of Seventeen Magazine. @Seventeen  #College Goals

Note: I extended the end date of the giveaway by 3 days because I’ve been really sick and will not have a chance to notify winner for a few days.

Bluestreak Books is partnering with me for a giveaway! One (1) winner receives:

  • Copy of Seventeen: College Goals
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Seventeen: College Goals An Insider's Guide to Finding and Getting Into A School You'll Love by the Editors of Seventeen Magazine. @Seventeen  #College Goals

Disclosure: Bluestreak Books sent me a copy of Seventeen: College Goals AND is providing a prize pack for one of my lucky readers! All opinions are my own.

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  • My granddaughter has not picked a major yet, but has picked her university. She is working towards a band scholarship.

  • My cousin is going to start applying next year and my advice to her is to take a mix of courses her first semester just to get a feel for what she wants to do. So many people I know had a set major going in and completely changed their minds after taking a different class than expected and ended up liking the subject. I also told her AP classes come in handy if you score well on the exams!

  • My cousins son graduates High School this year and plans on going to college to study radiology.

  • My daughter is going to WVU to be a music teacher. She could really use this. She graduated yesterday Magna Cum Laude from high school with 6 scholarships but still owes a lot!

  • My son loves putting things together. He was able to watch YouTube and put together his own computer. He would like to go for something like that but also plays the guitar.

  • A local school but no other decisions made yet. We are making a long list of schools and then narrow them down once major is decided.

  • My daughter wants to go to MSU, and isn’t really sure what she wants to major in yet. We are hoping this book can give her some helpful information!

  • She knows she wants to go to Ohio State but not sure of major yet. She loves nature and children so shes not sure yet.

  • My step-daughter, who just graduated HS today, wants to further her education and become a Paramedic. She will be attending the local university. Thanks.

  • A tip I would have is that if you are stuck, which I was when choosing. You grown up thinking you want to do one thing because you see others doing it or you would love to focus on that career, but end up changing along the way. I would suggest follow your heart and if you decide to change when it’s time for college to go a different path because you really fell in love with math or art, than choose the path that your heart has chosen recently and there is always time to make a decision and choose another if it doesn’t work out.

    I was heading for art, but fell in love with coding and engineering. I want to learn to build and code devices as well as repair.

  • My daughter wants to go to USC and study criminal law . Were looking for scholarship money . She will need help with juggling a job and school for sure no tips on that yet .

  • My kids are too young, but my nephew is going to graduate next year. My biggest advice is to have a post-college end goal in mind; even if it changes, it’s good to see college as part of a bigger picture and not an end in itself.

  • My daughters are grown but my grandson would probably love to major in something like accounting or finance since he enjoys math so much!

  • My oldest thinks he wants to be an engineer of some kind but he is not sure. He definitely loves math and science and would want to major in something that utilizes those subjects.

  • I think that taking college classes in high school & at community colleges will decrease the amount of money & time spent on college.

  • My son would like to study computer engineering. He will probably go to a local college, but he has not decided yet. I think finding scholarships would help in the search.

  • The kids are all past college.
    The grand kids too young.
    I think it would be difficult to pick a direction in today’s work field.
    thank you

    Barbara Montag

  • I’m thinking of this book for a cousin of mine, rather than child, and she’s at a stage right now where she has NO IDEA what she wants to do. So this book really looks like a great one for her!

  • I’m actually due with my first child so I don’t know what career/school goals he or she will have.

  • My child is a bit too young to be looking at college but my youngest sister is preparing for college and she wants to major in accounting. I think she’d be awesome at it!

  • My kids are still too young to discuss the process, but they are interested in everything computer. I’m helping them to learn more before the time comes.

  • My children are very young so college hasn’t even been a thought yet! I hope they find something they love.

  • My sons want to go to college and be involved in sports. They want to look into broadcasting and or medical field.

  • This seems like such an awesome, helpful book. I really love that it is interactive and allows them to write in it. My little one is still considering physician assistant schools in Georgia!

  • My two oldest have careers in the healthcare industry, one is head of clinical research in her department and the other with health services at a local physicians office. My soon to be senior is still a bit undecided but looking into working with computers and interpreter (japanese/spanish)

  • My niece is still too young for college, but so far she wants to go to veterinary school and become a vet. She will probably keep close to home.

  • My twin daughters are in 9th grade and they still are not decided on what they want to do or where they want to do. I think whenever they decide something, within a week they have changed their mind.

  • He has narrowed it down to three schools he would like to attend. He would like to major in agriculture.

  • My son chose to attend the local college; less expensive in that he could live at home (plus no out of state tuition costs).

  • We don’t have any kids old enough for college. My niece however wants to become a paralegal. She just changed the school she wants to attend.

  • My cousin’s son wants to study forensic psychology. My best advice to him is to choose a major that will allow you to apply for jobs that will be in demand.

  • I always found nutrition to be interesting, and originally wanted to pursue that. I am still college age kid. Another major that looks really interesting is Actuarial science.

  • I am responding for my niece. She doesn’t know what she wants to do, so she could use the help. Seventeen is something she would definitely read!

  • The best tips that I have is to tell the student to shop around when it comes to schools. Also pick a major that they like and that will be around in a few years.

    • Yes, something that will be around is definitely important! You’d hate to spend 4 years in college and find out your job isn’t needed and no one is hiring.

  • My son is a freshman in high school. He has started looking at colleges but doesn’t know what he wants to do just yet. My nephew started visiting colleges this spring.

  • My son has a few more years until he goes to college. I am not sure yet what he wants to major in. He does want to go to EWU.

  • My son is 15 and we don’t know what he wants to study yet. We’re looking into colleges, though.

  • my kids are grown, it was not an easy decision at the time what to major in or collage to go to. My niece is about to make these decisions. She wants to study marine biology and not sure of the school, may go to the university in town.

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