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momAGenda List Pads
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Getting Organized; Back-to-School With momAgenda List Pads

Back-to-school is the perfect time of the year to get your family organized. With the new school year comes a lot of paper, forms and dates you need to remember. My biggest hurdle is remembering who has what each week and any special requirements such as field trip, test, etc. When I saw that momAgenda had List Pads, I thought that was the perfect solution for me to keep track of the school agenda for…

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DaGeDar Toys
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DaGeDar Toys; The Trick To Make Them Fly #Spon

In case you are unsure, a DaGeDar is a new toy from the company that brought us the Zhu Zhu Pets. Before we get started, I want to give you some background on the DaGeDar. (Sponsored post. I received the DaGeDar toys in exchange for this post.) DaGeDar Background The DaGeDar, spirit-like entities, reside in Dimension 33 and are driven by their desire to race. The DaGeDar enter the Earth’s dimension to race so they…

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Discovery Girls Magazine Created By Real Girls For Girls

Discovery Girls Magazine uses real girls on the cover and inside. No models, just real girls. Girls that our tweens and tweens can relate to and see every day at school. That is the biggest reason I am going to purchase a Discovery Girls subscription for my 12-year-old. Discovery Girls for Tweens I was very impressed with Discovery Girls after reading the June/July 2011 issue and the 10 year Collector’s Edition, but I knew the…

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10 Tips For Creating A Successful Family Calendar System #Spon

Keeping the family calendar updated for my family can be a full-time job. In college, I worked as an Administrative Assistant for an entire department and that schedule was nothing compared to the schedule for my family. But I do manage to get everyone where they need to be on time, most of the time. This is a sponsored post. Family Calendar Planning Tips Throughout the years, I’ve found a few family calendar planning tricks…

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Science Fair Volcano In Your Kitchen With Scientific Explorer and Elmer’s #Spon

I have found that my kids love science when they can get their hands dirty. It’s ok to watch a volcano erupt on a video, but to create the video and then watch it erupt in your kitchen is even more fun! Scientific Explorer sent me a Lava-Blasting Volcano kit to erupt at home. Of course my kids were more than willing to help out. Lava Blasting Volcano Kit Scientific Explorer Virtual Science Fair Scientific…

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