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The 39 Clues
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The 39 Clues Rapid Fire E-Book Series Holiday Release

The 39 Clues Rapid Fire eBook short story series will be released over the holiday break. It will be a great way to keep your kids ages 7 – 12 reading over the long break. The 39 Clues book series is about the Cahill, family as they search for 39 clues hidden around the world. The clues guard the source of the Cahill’s powers and each book is an adventure to find a clue. Advertisements

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PS Vita PlayStation Family
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Meeting The PlayStation Family; See PS Vita

Last month I had the honor of being invited out to the PlayStation offices near San Francisco. The best part of my job is when I meet with brands on their territory and learn all about the company, meet employees and see where all the tech magic happens. The PlayStation Family Summit did not disappoint. I have flown out to San Francisco several times, but I guess I never had a window seat because I…

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momagenda mini-daily
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Getting Organized For The Holidays With momAgenda Mini-Daily

I’ve tried to figure out how to keep my calendar and to do list in order for the last few months. It wasn’t until I read the momAgenda Mini-Daily review from ThetaMom that I figured out how to keep in them in order. Separate them. My review of the momAgenda Desktop Calendar explains how I use my momAgenda calendar to keep my family of 6 organized. I have now added the momAgenda Mini-Daily in pink…

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locker mudroom for storage for the garage
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Storage For The Garage; Before & After Makeover Pictures

  So, you saw the before garage makeover pictures and you saw the garage installation pictures and now you will get to see the after garage makeover pictures. I have looked for years for storage for the garageand never found anything that I liked. I’m not sure why I never thought to look into the professional installations of storage, but I didn’t. Storage For The Garage Here are before and after pictures of all the…

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The Eco-nize truck shows up this morning and they get right to work on the garage.
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Eco-nize Installing Garage Makeover From The Stow Company

Today was the big day!! Our garage organization system makeover installation day. I won a garage makeover from The Stow Company. Here is the install from Eco-nize. Eco-nize Install Check out the big reveal of the garage makeover.  I’m so happy with the results and Paul & Jack did an awesome job. Eco-nize cleaned up everything when they left. It was such a pleasure to work with Eco-nize. Disclosure: I won the garage makeover from The…

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