Miley Cyrus Concert Review from Verizon Center, Washington DC

The Miley Cyrus Wonder World Tour 2009 concert last night was awesome. It was like watching a live video of each song. She does a fantastic job of putting together a show. The special effects were out of this world. We had fun trying to figure out which song was next by the special effects. Some were hard to figure out.

This was definitely all Miley…No Hannah Montana! She has grown up and her songs and concert show that. I’m not afraid to admit that I really like Miley’s songs. Yes, I’m a 42 yr old who listens to Miley Cyrus because I enjoy her songs.

Last night she told us she wasn’t feeling well and as a Mom, I think she had that “sick” look on her face, but my girls couldn’t tell the difference. If that is her show when she’s sick? Then her well show must be over the top.

The show opened with Metro Station. The lead singer from the band is Trace Cyrus who is Miley’s older brother (and guitarist is Mason Musso, Mitchell Musso’s older brother). I completely understand why he got this gig. The band isn’t bad and heck, we all help family. BUT, he does not need to tell us about 20 times that he is Miley’s older brother. We get that. Please WOW us with your music, not your family relationships.

The concert started right on time at 7pm. Metro Station came out and played for about 30 min. We missed the Shake It song which is the one song I know from them because we decided to hit the bathrooms before the break and Miley came out. She came out around 8:30 and played til 9:30 including one encore. It was a short concert. I don’t know if I’m used to longer concerts or if it was because she wasn’t feeling well, but it did feel like there should have been a few more songs.

I’m not going to go through all the songs one by one, but rather just say that she has a beautiful voice, she knows how to put on a show and it was one of the most entertaining concerts I’ve ever seen. Heck, she flew over the audience on a motorcycle!

I put together a short Animoto show of the pictures I took. I couldn’t use one of Miley’s songs since I don’t have permission, so I found one that fit my mood.

And I guess if it was good enough for the First Lady and First Daughters, then it was good enough for this Tech Goddess and her Tech Princesses.

Sami & Megan at Miley Cyrus concert








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