Marvel’s Daredevil on Netflix is a Must See #StreamTeam #Daredevil

Marvel's Daredevil debuts on Netflix. #StreamTeam #Daredevil #Spon

Last month, Marvel’s Daredevil debuted on Netflix. This weekend I finally found a moment to watch it and I LOVE IT!

Marvel's Daredevil debuts on Netflix. #StreamTeam #Daredevil #Spon

It is definitely much darker than many of the other Marvel tv shows. My 12-year-old and 18-year-old both loved it. If you are unsure whether it’s too dark for your child, I suggest you watch it first and then decide. If they are 14 or older, I think it’ll be just fine.

Marvel's Daredevil debuts on Netflix. #StreamTeam #Daredevil #Spon

The premise is that a young boy, Matt Murdock, with extraordinary senses was blinded as boy. Now, he is a lawyer by day and the Daredevil by night. He is fighting injustice both day and night. The blind aspect gives an interesting twist to the daytime Matt.

Marvel's Daredevil debuts on Netflix. #StreamTeam #Daredevil #Spon

Netflix has 13 episodes in season one and all are available for streaming now.


Marvel's Daredevil debuts on Netflix.Season 2 to come in 2016. #StreamTeam #Daredevil #Spon

The best news is that Netflix confirmed a second season of Marvel’s Daredevil and will premiere in 2016.

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