make a pinterest worthy cakeI’m a Pinterest addict and every day I see hundreds of photos of food that I want to make. I dream of creating a Pinterest worthy masterpiece. Then pin the recipe on Pinterest and have it go viral because it is the most awesomest (not a word…I know) recipe ever.

Making a Pinterest Worthy Cake

You start with a chocolate cake in a box and ingredients.

pinterest fail cake ingredients

Prepare according to the directions.

pinterest worthy cake

Mix thoroughly!

pinterest worthy cake

Ask your daughter to help if you need to take photos.

mixing pinterest worthy cake

Then you decide that your daughter’s birthday cake needed a little surprise. You search through the cupboards and find chocolate chips.


Perfect. Throw then into the cake mix.

chocolate chips in cake

Stir until you don’t see the powdery mix anymore.

stirring cake

Spray a cake pan with the stuff that makes it not stick.

no stick spray on pan

Pour the mixed batter into the pan.

pour into pan

Bake per the box directions.

bake the cake

When the timer goes off, stick a toothpick in the cake to be sure it’s done. (It’s done if there is no gooey stuff on the toothpick.)

toothpick trick in cake

Yay! It’s done. So far so good!

finished baking cake

Frosting A Pinterest Worthy Cake

Remember that the cake should cool completely before attempting to frost. Open the store-bought frosting preferably in a hot pink color and use a knife to spread the frosting on the cake. Next, the frosting will pull the top layer of the cake off, so it will look something like this:

pinterest worthy cake

Call a friend who knows more about baking and ask them how to frost a cake. Friend will tell you that you frost the bottom of the cake. Turn it upside down and frost the bottom? Ok. If you say so.

frost the bottom of the cake

Hmmm. Now we have 2 sides frosted. Neither side looks good.

2 sides of cake frosted

Try to put the cake back in the pan so that you can at least eat it.


Officially call it a #PinterestFail and go buy a cake.

how to make a pinterest worthy cake

Of course it wouldn’t be a cake unless you add your own touch. Hot pink sparkles. Happy 15th Birthday Sami!

That is how you make a Pinterest worthy cake a.k.a. #PinterestFail! Tell me about your Pinterest fails.

No cakes were harmed during the making of this cake.