Seven years ago today, I had one of the biggest scares of my life. The reality that something could go wrong during a birth. I had 2 pretty normal pregnancies and births with my first 2 kids. My pregnancy with my 3rd was pretty normal too other than being really REALLY tired. But his birth was by no means “normal.”

Nicky’s Birth Story

I was having contractions and the doctor wanted me in the hospital because I was about an hour away and my past history showed that I am slow to start, but once I start, watch out! He figured better safe than sorry. We went to the hospital late in the evening on the 12th, the nurses got me all hooked up, got a bed set up for Jason, gave me a sleeping pill and told me to relax because nothing was happening that night. I wasn’t very far at all, but they weren’t sending me home. They turned the lights out and closed the door. Jason fell asleep and my sleeping pill slowly kicked in and we were both off in la la land, probably for the last time in a few weeks.

I don’t know how long I was asleep, it felt like only minutes. The nurses came RUNNING into my room screaming “turn her over, turn her over.” I had no idea what they were talking about and to whom they were talking. Jason jumped off the cot and I have no idea what he did. I was freaking out because they were trying to get me to turn over, but I was drugged so not really “getting it.” It was probably a matter of seconds, but it seemed like hours. They got me on all fours and were doing all sorts of things to my stomach…pushing, prodding, poking. Then they got me a shot of something. Then finally things in the room calmed down and they told me that the baby had stopped breathing, but they got a heartbeat after the shot, but it was slower than they’d like.

I vaguely remember them on the phone with my doctor while all the turning over yelling was going on. Then I looked up and he was standing there looking like he just rolled out of bed (which he had done since it was about 2 am). They decided to do an immediate c-section and not take any chances.

It turns out that he had the cord wrapped around his neck 2 times. I think often about what could have happened that night. If my doctor hadn’t insisted on me going to the hospital, that would have happened at home, but I wouldn’t have known.

Nicholas birth

Nicky’s First Birthday

Here he is on his First Birthday. I was already 6 months pregnant with my 4th on his first birthday. The early years were tough. Nicky has always been such a charmer.

Nicky First Birthday

Nicky’ 3rd Birthday

Nicky’s lucky number is 3. He was born on 3/13/03 at around 3:10 in the morning. He is the 3rd child. The number 3 always pop up during his life in various ways. Here he is on his 3rd Birthday.

Nicky 3rd Birthday


Now I have a healthy and happy 7-year-old boy. This was this morning as he was opening his presents.

Nicky 7th Birthday

Happy Birthday, Nicky! I hope you always keep that smile and your passion for whatever you are doing. It also means you passionately dislike the things you don’t want to do which drives me batty.