I’m just going to get right to it. This is my Geek-ista t-shirt.

geek ista t-shirt

So now you are thinking, “that’s great Michele for you, but I’m a fashionista.” That is what is so awesome about What’s your ista? No matter what your ista is, they have it or you can create it yourself.

Your ista may be

  • career,
  • art,
  • animals
  • music,
  • sports
  • or anything else…

What’s Your Ista? has a shirt for you or you can create your own What’s Your isa? t-shirt.

When you receive your t-shirt, it will be nicely packaged in tissue with a sticker on it.

geek-ista t-shirt packaging

Mine was wrapped in gorgeous orange tissue (which I saved JUST because it’s orange.)

So, figure out “What’s Your ista?” and then find a t-shirt to match.

What’s Your ista?

Let me know in the comments below and if you find a t-shirt to match, put a link to it too.