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Our current garage organization system is not working so well. Well, honestly, there is no garage organization system as you can see…

garage organization system makeover

A nice path from the cars to the door.

garage makeover

We have to pull the car out to get in on the passenger side. UGH!

garage organization system makeover

Along this wall is where I would like to have open "lockers" for my 4 kids and their backpacks, shoes, coats, mittens, etc.

When I got the call that I had won the $5,000 garage makeover from the Stow Company, I was thrilled. I had forgotten all about the contest. I entered through Molly Gold (@MyGoMom) at BlogHer in San Diego. We have never had a professional garage organization system so it was exciting.

Why a Garage Organization Makeover?

Watch the video to see why we desperately need a garage organization system makeover.

Eco-nize Closets

ec-nize closets in DC metro area

In the Washington DC area, Eco-nize is the Stow Company authorized dealer. Noel (Eco-nice Facebook Page) came out to our house and took a look at our garage, took a lot of measurements and talked with us about our family, hobbies, how we use the garage and what we envision for the garage organization system makeover. With all of that information, he came back with a plan that we are really excited about.

This is along the lines of what I’m thinking about for the open locker system for the kids.

garage orgnaization system makeover

print screen from the Stow Company website of my open locker system example

I will have 4 of the locker ones and there will be a bench for the kids to sit down and put their shoes on. We will have some of the slat organizers in gray that you see along the side of one wall of the garage. Here is a drawing of our garage for reference.

Garage Organizer System

To give you an idea of what happens between the first consultation and the garage organization system makeover, I’ve included the 3D drawings that Noel from Eco-nize did for us (used with permission.) I love that I can really see what my garage will look like. I’m a very visual person so I needed these drawings for my brain to understand.

garage makeover drawing

This is a drawing of my whole garage.

We have a 3 car garage, but because of the way our house faces, the doors are on the side of the garage, so we can only have 2 garage doors. Therefore, we have a lot of extra space in front of our cars. A unique situation for a garage organization system makeover.

garage makeover locker drawings

My beautiful locker mud-room set up that I've dreamed about for years!!

garage makeover drawings

The back wall of the garage. We already have a fridge in there, so they are working around it.

garage makeover drawings

This is the side wall. Now I will be able to get into my husband's car while still in the garage. YEAH!!!

So, there you have it. The garage organization system makeover is happening tomorrow (11/30/11) and I will be tweeting pictures during the process (@ScrappinMichele). I will also have video and pictures posted on Thursday with the After pictures.

Disclosure: I won the $5,000 garage makeover from The Stow Company and Eco-nize is the local affiliate who is doing the work for us. All opinions of the garage organization system makeover are 100% my own.

Let’s Talk About Garage Organization System Makeovers!

Do you have a garage organization system in place? Any tips or ideas?

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