Fuller House Review By My Middle Schooler; #StreamTeam Guest Post

Fuller House streaming on Netflix now. Must see show! Reviewed by my Middle School Tween Daughter! #StreamTeam

Today is “Take Your Child To Work Day.” Megan decided she had no idea what I do, so she is staying at home with me to find out more about being a Blogger and a work-at-home mom. She is today’s guest blogger.

Take your child to work day

Megan’s Review of Fuller House

Hey, It’s Megan. I recently finished watching season one of Fuller House. It is a great show that children and adults of all ages can enjoy.

Fuller House streaming on Netflix now. Must see show! Reviewed by my Middle School Tween Daughter! #StreamTeam

As a tween, I like watching shows that are funny and entertaining, and Fuller House is funny, entertaining, and much more. After I watched the first episode, I immediately watched the rest of the episodes.

Fuller House, Season 1 now streaming on Netflix. #StreamTeam

The original, Full House, has always been very appealing to me, I could watch the same episode over and over again and not get bored. In Fuller House, I love seeing how all the characters and actors look and act like twenty years later.

Fuller House Cast

Some people say that the show is just too corny. Yes, it is corny, but that’s how the show was written. Full House was very corny, then when writing and producing Fuller House, they just stuck with the corniness. It works!!

Fuller House

I recommend you watch Fuller House, and come on, like who hasn’t missed hearing all of their catch-phrases.

Fuller House at a Giants Game #StreamTeam

Fuller House is just one of those shows that has humor that anyone can laugh at and can put a smile on anyone’s face. Take my word for it, and go watch it.

Back to Michele, Behind The Scenes

I completely agree with Megan. I loved Full House and Fuller House did an excellent job of keeping the same corniness and fun, but 20 years later.  I enjoyed seeing what the kids have done and how they are as adults.

Fuller House Behind the Scenes photos #StreamTeam

Behind the scenes look at the Fuller House set.

All the references to the earlier shows makes me feel like I’m in on some insider joke. I love it!

Fuller House Behind the Scenes photos #StreamTeam

So, go sit on the couch and catch up on Fuller House! It is streaming live on Netflix and there will be a season 2! YAY!!!

Let me know what you thought!!

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