Netflix Shows & Movies About Families #StreamTeam

Best Netflix shows and movies about families. #StreamTeam #Spon

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We all know that families come in all shapes in sizes nowadays. I love to watch Netflix shows & movies about families that are different than mine. That could mean they have 2 moms or grandparents living with them or maybe a tragedy struck that set a family back. Either way, I love movies and shows about families.

Best Netflix shows and movies about families. #StreamTeam #Spon

Netflix Shows & Movies About Families

Here are my top 8 Netflix shows and movies about families that my family enjoys watching. Once again my kids are ages 11 to 19, so we watch a lot of tween/teen shows. If you are not sure if it’s appropriate for your child, watch first before inviting your kids to watch.

Life Unexpected

Life Unexpected on Netflix; Shows about families #StreamTeam

Not all families get along and in Life unexpected, they certainly do not. The daughter tries to become emancipated from her parents and ends up in a custody battle between them. The family dynamics is interesting. There are 2 seasons on Netflix.

Spy Kids

Sky Kids on Netflix; Netflix shows and movies about families. #streamteamAll three Spy Kids movies are really great for families. Common Sense gives Sky Kids a 7+ rating, so it’s good for younger kids too. This family works together as spies, so there is always fun and a lot of action. But in the end, they are a family that cares about each other. A must-see Netflix show.

Liv & Maddie

Liv & Maddie on Netflix; Netflix shows about family #streamteamLiv & Maddie is a Disney series about twins. One went off to Hollywood to become a superstar and is glamorous and a lot like a princess. The other stayed back in Wisconsin (probably why I like it since I grew up there) and is into sports and not much of a princess. They also have 2 brothers and their Mom and Dad both work at the school they go to. It’s great family fun!

Hello Sister, Goodby Life

I have watched this movie over and over. It’s an ABC Family movie about a woman who is single and her father and stepmother die in a car crash. She was not close to them at all. She has a half sister she didn’t really know, but now she has to raise her.

Good Luck Charlie

Good Luck Charlie is one of my families favorite Netflix shows. When we can’t figure out to watch, my daughter and I watch this. I think we relate to the family a lot. The mom is a short blonde (like me) and there is a dad who works hard (like my husband) and there are 2 boys and 2 girls (like ours.) Getting through life as a family of 6 and dealing with all the different personalities can be a lot of fun. There are 4 seasons on Netflix.

Chasing Life

Chasing Life Show on Netflix; Netflix shows about families #streamteamFamilies often have to deal with hard times. In Chasing Life, April discovers she has cancer and this show is how she and her family deal with it. She is single, but lives with her mom, sister and grandmother. I love this family. They are close and love each other, but also sometimes really bug each other. There is one season on Netflix.

Duck Dynasty

Duck Dynasty on Netflix; Netflix shows about families. #streamteam

This family has been in the news some, but in the end they all love each other. I did not like this show at first. My husband watched it and I refused to watch it. Somehow I got into it and now I love watching how these brothers don’t get along, do get along, fight, work together and are just a normal family with ups and downs. There are 10 episodes on Netflix.

Royal Pains

Royal Pains on Netflix; Netflix famiy show #streamteamRoyal Pains is about two brothers who, in the beginning of the show, are very different, but as time goes on, we learn they aren’t as different. There dad played by Henry Winkler makes an appearance in many shows. They didn’t have the usual suburban family upbringing, but in the end, they make it all work. There are 6 seasons, so if you are looking for a long-term commitment with a Netflix show, this one is it.

What are some of your favorite Netflix shows and movies about families? I’m always looking for new shows to watch.

Netflix Stream Team #streamteam #spon

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