Today I had the pleasure of going to downtown Washington DC with 5 local mom bloggers and all our kids for Do Good Day. We had @ParentopiaDevra, @MammaLoves, @JessicaAPISS, @JusticeFergie, @GoonSquadSarah and me (@ScrappinMichele) plus our 11 kids.

For the past few weeks, it has been very hot and sticky and really dry so we thought it would be a perfect idea to welcome visitors to Washington DC with water, snacks and $1 bills for Do Good Day. We woke up today and it was 73 (cold by DC summer standards) and rainy. But we forged ahead despite the lack of parking places at two Metro stations and horrible traffic and no parking spaces in DC.

We finally arrived at 14th and Constitution and set up shop to hand out water and snacks to visitors. and The Motherhood sent each of us 77 $1 bills with notes attached to pass out. The notes listed great ideas to use the $1 to “pay it forward” and Do Good! We handed out a total of $539 in $1 bills today.

Do Good Day

It turns out my 7-year-old son is quite the salesman. He was NOT taking “No Thank You” for an answer. He sold those $1 bills (as he put it) to everyone whether they wanted it or not. He couldn’t fathom why anyone would NOT want the $1 bill. He explained it was for “Do Good Day,” so they HAD to take it.


Now, you would think that people would be running over to get the $1 bills, but that wasn’t the case. The kids were more likely to accept the $1 bill without questioning but most adults looked at us like we were nuts. Why on earth would we be giving out $1 and not want anything in return?? We had to reassure them that we were not affiliated with a religious or political organization and we didn’t want them to buy anything. Then they graciously accepted the $1 Do Good Day token. The water and snacks were appreciated by the hungry and hot visitors of our nation’s capital.

In the end, it was a lot of fun watching our kids Do Good and knowing that we were giving a few people some smiles today. Our local NBC station did come down to film us and they interviewed a few of us.


And here is my daughter in the t-shirt that 77Kids sent for the kids.

77kids Do Good Day tshirt