Diet Coke Gives Back to Fans With #RetweetsOfLove

Diet Coke #RetweetsofLove campaign. Recreated a fan's tweet and brought it to life with an interactive sculpture. Waterfront Park in Alexandria, Virginia. #AD

Can you imagine having your favorite brand create a sculpture from one of your tweets? One lucky Diet Coke fan was surprised when her tweet to Diet Coke was turned into a 60-foot-long interactive sculpture at Waterfront Park in Alexandria, Virginia. I was honored to be invited for the unveiling of the Retweets of Love sculpture.

Diet Coke #RetweetsofLove campaign. Recreated a fan's tweet and brought it to life with an interactive sculpture. Waterfront Park in Alexandria, Virginia. #AD

What is Retweets of Love?

Diet Coke started the #RetweetsofLove campaign in fall to thank its biggest fans. Over 50 fans were surprised when their Diet Coke tweets were recreated by artists. Anything from custom jewelry to 60 foot sculptures brought the tweets to life.Diet Coke #RetweetsofLove Sculpture of @EMS122 tweet to Diet Coke. #AD

The sculpture in Waterfront Park was the finale. Along with the sculpture, $15,000 was donated to The Art League (a local charitable organization.)


About the Sculpture

The sculpture was created with:

  • 4,500 cans and bottles of Diet Coke
  • 2,000 man-hours
  • 10 people to install
  • 3 weeks to Design, conceive & build
  • 3,500 pounds of material
  • 300 feet of aluminum steel
  • 150 lbs of lucite

It is a 3,500 pound interactive structure. You can walk through and play with the structure. It will dispense ice-cold Diet Coke as you interact with the display.

Here is an Instagram photo from Cigar Box Studios during the fabrication process.

Design credit to @toolofna and photo credit to#Listonphotographie

The Sculpture in Pieces

Going from the left to the right, here are the different pieces of the #RetweetsOfLove sculpture.

The full tweet is:

Oh, Hi Diet Coke. I Love You! from @EMS122

Diet Coke #RetweetsofLove Sculpture of @EMS122 tweet to Diet Coke. #AD

The tweets was from @EMS122.

Retweets of Love Diet Coke sculpture.

This is the first part of the tweet, “Oh, Hi” and the wheel spins as people walk on it (like a hamster wheeel.)

Diet Coke #RetweetsofLove #AD

This is the outside of the wheel.

RetweetsofLove sculpture at Waterfront Park in Alexandria, VA #RetweetsofLove #AD

Another angle of the Oh, Hi.

Diet Coke #RetweetofLove #AD

The second part of the tweet was, “Diet Coke” and here is how it is featured in the sculpture. There are bottles around the word, Diet. The word, Coke is made with silver bottles.

I love you, Diet Coke #RetweetsofLove #AD

The next part is “I Love” which is a tunnel of love.

RetweetsofLove #AD Diet Coke

“I Love” portion of the sculpture

RetweetsofLove #AD Diet Coke

Inside the tunnel is a heart on the ceiling and silver bottles are hanging down like wind chimes.

Wind chimes of Diet Coke #RetweetsofLove #AD

This is my favorite part. It looks so cool with all the silver bottles and when they clink together it sounds really awesome too.

Diet Coke Retweets of Love #AD

And here is the word, “YOU” where you step on the heart in front and a can of ice-cold Diet Coke comes down the ramp.

Diet Coke #RetweetsofLove #AD

The exclamation mark is a seat with pillows. You can sit and enjoy your Diet Coke.

Diet Coke #RetweetsofLove pillows

These are the pillows. I want one of those pillows for my house. 😀

It was really cool to see in person. It definitely brought the tweet to life. And it was interactive, so you felt as if you were part of the sculpture.

You could go right up and take any of the Diet Coke bottles and enjoy an ice-cold drink.

Michele drinking ice-cold Diet Coke at #RetweetsofLove sculpture. #AD

Diet Coke #RetweetsofLove Video

Here is a quick video I did showing off some of the interactive parts of the sculpture.

So, tell me, what #RetweetofLove tweet would you send to @DietCoke?

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Disclosure: This is a Diet Coke sponsored post. I was compensated for my participation. All opinions are my own.

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