DaGeDar toys

In case you are unsure, a DaGeDar is a new toy from the company that brought us the Zhu Zhu Pets. Before we get started, I want to give you some background on the DaGeDar. (Sponsored post. I received the DaGeDar toys in exchange for this post.)

DaGeDar Background

The DaGeDar, spirit-like entities, reside in Dimension 33 and are driven by their desire to race. The DaGeDar enter the Earth’s dimension to race so they can break their spirit free. Each one has a personal motivation which drives their energy to race. They could be racing for glory, fame, money, power, skill, etc, but they must race to accomplish their ultimate quest.

DaGeDar Toys

DaGeDar, The Game

Now you know more about the DaGeDar, but what about the game? You create the game field when you put together the tracks. At first we couldn’t get the DaGeDar to race on the tracks the boys were creating. Watch our video above to find out what we discovered is the best way to make the DaGeDar fly on the track.

It was really an oversight on our part. I’m not sure why we didn’t realize our mistake early on, but we learned to always create the tracks at first according to the directions. My son was very proud of himself when he figured that out though. I just wish we had figured it out for the party. But the boys can’t wait to come back and try it out now.

DaGeDar Toys

DaGeDar Fun

The boys told me their favorite things about the DaGeDar is that each one has it’s own special power and that there are so many to collect. They thought it would be fun to trade them too. They wanted to take the track out to our playground in the backyard and try setting up the track on our slide, only they didn’t have enough track to make it all the way down, so they decided against it for now.

What I love the most about the DaGeDar is that the kids can use their imagination to create a new game every time they play. It may be frustrating at times when the DaGeDar do not do what you think they should do, but that is part of the learning process.

DaGeDar Toys

This is definitely a toy that we will continue to add more sets because it will add more hours of fun.

Disclosure: I received the DaGeDar home party kit through MomSelect in exchange for my review and video. All opinions are 100% my own (or my son’s.) No video was taken during the party because I’m uncomfortable putting up video of other kids on my blog. 

Let’s Talk about DaGeDar!

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