With a 9 and 11-year old in the house, the talk is all Minecraft. My son turned 11 last week and we had a laser tag party, but I wanted to capture the Minecraft theme too. I like to have birthday party themes that capture what my kids are really into at the moment. Twenty years from now, we’ll look at the photos and say, “OMG! Remember that Minecraft craze.”

Birthday Express sent me the supplies to put together a great DIY Minecraft birthday theme.

Create an easy Minecraft themed birthday party

Birthday Express

While I love to create crafts, I don’t like to do complicated crafts. Easy peasy is my motto. Birthday Express has a blog post showing you all the supplies you need to create an easy Minecraft birthday party theme. You’ll find the links to buy the products at the end of the post.

Easy Minecraft Birthday Party Theme

I’m going to show you what we did to go from this:

box of supplies from Creative Birthday Express

To this Minecraft birthday party. It was very easy too. We did no prep work other than a note to remind myself to bring the box to the laser tag place.

minecraft birthday party table

The room that we had turned out perfect for a Minecraft party. There was a city mural wall at the end of the table and the other walls had images of cogs and wheels and the room had a “building a city” vibe. That was just coincidence.

Creating the Minecraft Theme

Minecraft is all about building and everything is in squares like a pixel. The colors are shades of green. We took the difference party supplies in the 2 shades of green and put them out in a checkerboard pattern. Dark green place, light green napkin, dark green cup, light green straw and so on…

Tip! Add a piece of black construction paper under each place setting.

Easy Minecraft birthday party theme

We did this for the entire table.

Shades of Green for Minecraft theme

The Minecraft card board head is what really pulled it together as a Minecraft theme. Although, the kids walked in before I had the head on the table and immediately said, “Minecraft.”

Minecraft cardboard head

Of course all the kids wanted to try the Minecraft head on. It was the hit of the party.

Tip! Set up a Minecraft Photo booth so the kids can take silly selfies.

Minecraft cardboard head

We didn’t have enough of the take-home party boxes to go around, so we used them to hold the candy that the kids would get to take home with them. Rock Candy in light green. Huge HIT!! (Note: Buy extras of these)

Tip! Find several different candies in different shades of green for the take-home bag. Add a green pencil and eraser.

MInecraft Rock Candy

And dark green lollipops.

Dark green lollipops for Minecraft party

Here are a few more photos of the Minecraft birthday party. Minecraft balloons for the birthday boy chair.

Minecraft balloons

Minecraft birthday party cups and straws.

Minecraft birthday party cups and straws

And once the kids got at the table and had some pizza, the Minecraft table setting had a little different look.

After the kids got at the table

My 17-year-old came with us and he was my Minecraft head model.

MInecraft cardboard head

And no birthday would be complete without a birthday cake. I should have requested green frosting, but my son prefers chocolate, so the Minecraft theme didn’t make it to the cake.

Tip! Use green frosting and add different shades of green & black squares all over the cake.

birthday party cake

And my 11-year-old birthday boy. Minecraft or not, they grow up so quickly.

Nicky and his cake

Blowing out the candles.

Nicky blowing out his candles

and of course, eating the cake.

eating birthday cake

As you can see, we didn’t spend a lot of time cutting or preparing, but our Minecraft party was a huge success. The kids all loved the Minecraft theme and I loved how easy it was.

Do your kids love Minecraft? Do you have any easy Minecraft party tips?

Disclosure: Birthday Express sent me the birthday supplies we used to create the Minecraft themed party. All opinions are my own.