Recently I bought the Crayola ColorStudio for iPad from Griffin for my kids to use on my iPad. Talk about a fun way to use an iPad. I love it!

crayola colorstudio for ipad

What is a Crayola ColorStudio for iPad?

The Crayola ColorStudio for iPad is a combination of an iPad app and a stylus. The stylus is the size of a big Crayola marker so it’s perfect for little kids hands. My 7, 8 & 12-year-olds all loved using it. I think the idea of coloring with a “marker” on the iPad is exciting for kids.

Crayola ColorStudio for iPad

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Crayola ColorStudio for iPad App

You can buy the Crayola ColorStudio for iPad app for free from the App store. You do not need the Crayola stylus to use the app. My kids played with it using their fingers and enjoyed it. By purchasing the stylus, you unlock a lot more of the tools and it is a lot more fun.

crayola colorstudio for iPad2

Several options when you purchase the stylus and unlock more.
crayola colorstudio for ipad2

My sample coloring. I'm not very good. 😀

Crayola ColorStudio for iPad Stylus

I bought the Crayola ColorStudio for iPad pen for $29. It was worth the $29. My kids fight over who gets to use it next. It’s great for long car rides.

The Crayola ColorStudio for iPad stylus turns on (which is important because we didn’t realize that when we first tried it out and we though we had a bad one.) You will see lights changing colors when it is on.

crayola colorstudio for ipadThere is a cover for the tip, but we found that the cover doesn’t stay on very well. The tip looks like a marker, but it’s not. It feels like a hollow rubber piece and my kids have had no problems getting it to work with the app.

You can also print the pictures from the app or share on Facebook.

Let’s Talk About the Crayola ColorStudio for iPad!

What are your thoughts on the Crayola ColorStudio for iPad? yeah or nay?

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