My World has Been Rocked, Clorox Studies the 5-Second Rule

Do you follow the 5-second rule? You know what I’m talking about! The one where if food drops on the floor as long as you get it in 5 seconds, it’s ok to eat? Do you follow that rule? In our house, I usually say, “if the dog hasn’t gotten it, it’s yours.” Our dog is pretty fast though when it comes to food so I guess its still a 5-second rule.

disclosure: Clorox is compensating me monetarily for this post, however, all opinions are my own.

I had the pleasure of sitting in on a briefing with Samantha Bee, Comedian and also best known as Correspondent for The Daily Show last week. She is also a mom of two small children ages 1 and 5. She had humorous stories about her kids and the 5-second rule. I asked Samantha Bee whether being a comedian helped her to see the lighter sides of motherhood. She replied that having a good sense of humor definitely helps.

So, now back to the 5-second rule. When I first became a Mom about 13.5 years ago, every time my son’s pacifier would fall on the floor, I would have to sterilize it before I put it in his mouth.

Then came baby #2. When her pacifier dropped on the floor, I would run it under water and pop it back in her mouth.

Then came baby #3. When he dropped his pacifier, I would inspect it, get off any dog hair and give it back to him.

Then came baby #4. When she dropped her pacifier, I would just leave it where she left it and figure she’ll find another one that fell at another time.

Yes, my style of parenting has changed throughout the years. But kidding aside, Clorox funded a study that showed that some germs can be found on food after it fell on the counter or floor within the first 5 seconds. That just rocked my world because I really hate cleaning. Fortunately, you can wipe away those germs with many of the Clorox products. Check out the Simple and Surprising website.

I love the Clorox wipes. As I said before I hate cleaning, but I will wipe down all my bathrooms and my kitchen counters daily with the wipes. It doesn’t feel like cleaning and my kids LOVE to help me wipe everything down. This winter we all had the H1N1 flu and those Clorox wipes became my best friend. I bought 1 for every bathroom and an industrial size for the kitchen. When we drop things on the floor, I will use the wipes to clean it up. I’m sure there is room for improvement in my cleaning habits, but I do feel like our bathrooms and kitchen are much cleaner now than they were before I used the wipes.

Now it’s your turn to tell me your funny 5-second rule stories, photos or videos.

Read a few more funny 5-second rule stories at Consumer Queen’s blog.

disclosure: Clorox is compensating me monetarily for this post, however, all opinions are my own.



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