Do you have kids who do not enjoy reading? The facts from Common Sense Media’s latest research about kids, teens and reading both scared and surprised me.  (I am a LearnON Ambassador, but no compensation received.)

Children, Teens and Reading Infographic

This infographic shows the information from the latest research.

Children, Teens and Reading

Surprising and Scary Statistics

These statistics both surprise me and scare me. I’m surprised because my kids are always reading. When my kids were young, they didn’t like reading very much. I was never the kind to push it on them, but we always had a lot of books in the house and both Jason and I read a lot.

I would let my kids read anything including comic books on their tablet. I’ve found that if the kids pick out the books and enjoy the topic, they are more likely to read.

megan reading books

That reading must have rubbed off because all 4 of my kids now read a lot. My 15-year-old daughter will read books like, The Hunger Games, in a few days. I have a hard time keeping up with my kids’ reading habit.

children and teens reading books

These statistics are scary because that I know how much joy my kids (and I) get from reading and to think that so many kids are missing out on that fun is scary.

Finding Age Appropriate Books For Kids

Common Sense Media has a great resource for you to find age appropriate books for your kids to read. You will find book reviews and you can sort by genre, topic, age, award-winning and more.

Common Sense Media book reviews

Once you find a book, there is a lot of parent-specific information. The books are rated on

  • Educational value
  • Positive message
  • Positive role models
  • Violence
  • Language

You will even find topics of discussion for families related to each book.

Have Books In Your Home

And this is what my nightstand looks like most of the time. I guess all the reading has rubbed off on my kids.

books on my nightstand


Were you surprised by the statistics? Do your kids read a lot? Do you read a lot?

Disclosure: I am a LearnON Ambassador and this post was written as part of that program. No compensation was received.