Moshi MonstersBobble Bots Moshi Monsters are from the same makers of HEXBUG. My kids love the HEXBUG so much so I was really excited to host a Bobble Bots Moshi Monsters Mommy Party. We decided to hold the party over Spring Break because we knew that the kids wouldn’t mind playing with a new toy when they have a whole week to play.

Planning a Monster Party

My kids set up most of the Moshi Monsters town before the party because they wanted to be sure that they knew how it worked. They set up the town, opened up a few of the Moshi Monsters and of course they decided which ones they wanted first and I picked out my orange, Moshi Meggie as I call her.

Moshi Monster

Moshi Meggie

My son suggested veggie stick chips and Sprite for the food. I told the kids this party was theirs to plan because they were really excited about it. So we went to the store to buy veggie stick chips (Moshi Sticks we called them) and Sprite (or Moshi Monster Juice.)

Moshi Monsters Online

We set up my Moshi Monster up online before the party also. Moshi Meggie has a room and likes to play games. We haven’t had a lot of time to explore the full online site, but so far we have had fun. You can visit my room on Moshi Monsters if you’d like.

Moshi Monster town

Moshi Monsters Party

Each child had a few friends over they took turns playing with the Moshi Monsters (boys first, then the girls.) The boys raced the Moshi Monsters all over the town and had fun setting up obstacles to try to block each other from making to the next place. They decided that trying Moshi Monsters with the HEXBUGS would be a lot of fun, but we decided to try that another day.

Bobble Bots Moshi Monsters Mommy Party

The girls played with the Moshi Monsters in a more calm way. They discussed why each Monster was going into each store making up stories. Each Moshi Monster had a spouse and at least one kid by the end of their game.

Moshi Monsters Grossery store

Moshi Monsters Gross-ery Store

Later on, when only a few were left, I took this video and had them show me how the Moshi Monsters work and we realized we had not set up the last store, the Grossery.

Moshi Monsters Final Verdict

My kids enjoyed playing with the Moshi Monsters, but all agreed that it would be really cool to play the Moshi Monsters with the HEXBUG sets. They loved the online game and naming their own Monster. My daughter plays with the online game quite often.

Moshi Monsters playing

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Disclosure: I received the Bobble Bots Moshi Monsters sets from Mommy Party in exchange for this post. All opinions are 100% my own (and my kids.)

Let’s Talk About Moshi Monsters!

Have you heard of Moshi Monsters? Do your kids like to play with toys that have both online and offline fun?