Starting my day in bed as every Mom should on Mother’s Day. Waiting for my McDonald’s breakfast burrito and large Diet Coke. This is our usual Sunday morning ritual and my favorite breakfast treat.

I cleaned my house yesterday, since my Mother-in-Law and hubby’s brother and his wife and kids are coming for a Mother’s Day lunch.

My daughter and I are going on a 3.1 or 5k walk today. The 2 of us are going to train for a 5k together. She plays volleyball and dances so the cardio training will help her and we get to spend some time together also. We may drag my son along once in a while too.

I hear the garage door, so my breakfast is here

Update at 10:30pm: Today ended up being a very relaxing day. My Mother-in-Law, hubby’s brother, his wife and 2 kids came over for a late lunch. We had ham sandwiches and cold salads and Jason fixed a few mom’s day drink specialties. It was really nice spending the day with family and the kids all got along really well. That rarely happens since the ages range from 4 to 14

It is getting late and we are watching the Star Trek Generations movies so I will post pictures and expand on my Mother’s Day thoughts tomorrow.

Let me know how you are spent your day.

Just another geeky day….