Back-to-school is the perfect time of the year to get your family organized. With the new school year comes a lot of paper, forms and dates you need to remember. My biggest hurdle is remembering who has what each week and any special requirements such as field trip, test, etc. When I saw that momAgenda had List Pads, I thought that was the perfect solution for me to keep track of the school agenda for my 4 kids.

momAgenda List Pads Pink

momAgenda List Pads

The momAgenda List Pads consist of 3 pads of paper for organizing your day and week in 3 different ways.

1. 7 Days of the Week.  This is the one I will be using for the school week. I’ll write anything I MUST remember to do each week and it’s going to be posted on the pantry door. If my second grader needs to remember to bring a shirt to school on Wednesday for Art, then it will be on the weekday List Pad note. I have been using this one to plan my blog posts for the week too. Another option would be to help your kids learn to prioritize their homework for the week by writing down the due dates.

2. a.m./noon/p.m. – This one is for the day. I use this List Pad to jot down notes that come up during the day that I need to remember later in the day. For example, when I’m going through my email in the morning, I am often reminded of things I need to do later. I’ll jot them down for either the afternoon or evening.

3. Numbered List. – I’ve been using this List Pad for lists of anything. To Do’s for my kids, errands to run, books I want to read, blog post ideas and anything else that needs a list.

momAgenda List Pads blue

List Pad Styles

The momAgenda List Pads come in pink and blue. Each set includes one of each of the above List Pads and each pad has 50 sheets. The List Pads are also very pretty. I like to be organized and fashionable at the same. time. I would love to see an option to get the List Pads in a sticky version too. I’m always taping it to things and that can mess up the wall or cupboard.

momAgenda List Pads back-to-school organize

momAgendaCOMM Team

Disclosure: As a member of the momAgenda COMM Team, I receive monthly compensation in exchange for my participation. I received the momAgenda List Pads free in exchange for this review. All opinions are always 100% my own.