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Is your home dry all winter? Do you get shocked every time you touch something? Do you go through bottles of lotion every week trying to keep your skin from drying out? That was us before we had the Aprilaire system installed in our home.

How to keep your family healthy over winter break. Everyone is home for a few weeks and cooped up in the house. You may have extra guests and lots of extra germs. Here are tips to help keep your family from getting sick. No one wants to spend winter break being sick. #healthylifestyle #IAQbyAprilaire

We’ve had Aprilaire installed in our home since July of 2017. We are in our second winter with it. Before Aprilaire contacted me, I didn’t think much about the indoor air quality of my home. Now I’m glad I did think about it.

We have seen several changes. I didn’t think something as simple as the air we breathe in our home could make such a difference once we improved it. I always thought the air was just air. No one in our home smoked and we do have animals, but we clean up after them. Beyond that, I didn’t think about the air.

Our Year With Aprilaire

Aprilaire & Amazon Alexa installed in your home. Control the temperature in your house with your voice. #IAQbyAprilaire

What improvements did we see and feel?

  1. Less dry skin. Before we had our Aprilaire humidifier installed, my skin would be so dry, it would hurt. Not anymore. No more flaky skin. No more severe chapped lips. It was definitely a pleasant change. I’m sure I went through less lotion last winter.
  2. No allergy medicine. This week I went to the doctor and we discussed all the medicines I take. Usually every summer and fall, I need to go on Advair for my allergies. I realized that I haven’t needed Advair since we had the Aprilaire air purifiers installed in our home. That was quite a revelation for me. I’ve had to take allergy medicine every spring and fall (and sometimes more) since I was a kid. WOW!!!
  3. No bronchitis. Every year, right before Thanksgiving, I get so sick with bronchitis. We’ve often had to change our Thanksgiving plans at the last minute because I was sick. Not the last two Thanksgivings. I’m sure it’s because we had cleaner air and higher humidity in our home’s air. Respiratory infections are spread quickly in low humidity, so the humidifier definitely helped.
  4. Less shocking. I know my cats are happy about this. In the past winters, every time we touch a cat, we get shocked and the cat jumps. Especially our little kitty who would meow and go running. She didn’t like it at all. I know Gabby is very happy that our humidity levels are at a more comfortable level every winter. No more shocks!

Those four reasons convinced me that installing the Aprilaire purifier, humidifier was a smart move. It also got me thinking more about my family’s winter wellness. Seeing how we change our indoor air quality with Aprilaire, I started looking at other ways we could improve our home for the winter.

Fibromyalgia & Indoor Air Quality

With my fibromyalgia, little things like no bronchitis and no dry skin can make a HUGE difference. When I get sick now, it lasts much longer and is more painful. That usually means more bad days than good.

Aprilaire Air Purifier Filter
Aprilaire Air Filters

In addition, I love the mobile scheduling features and I can control the temperature in my house with Alexa. And changing the air filters only once/year also saved us money.

Do you think about the indoor air quality of your home? What have you done to improve your air quality in the winter? Leave your tips below.