The Amulet books by Kazu Kibuishi really did hook my son from page one. My son is 8.5 years old and reading is way bottom on his list of things he wants to do. When I saw the comic book style of the Amulet books, I knew this just might be the perfect series for him.

The Amulet books are for the ages 9 – 12, however, my son is 8.5 and it was perfect for him.

amulet books

Amulet 4 Book Cover

Amulet Books Made Him Proud

We received all 4 Amulet books in the series. When I showed my son, he grabbed them and started paging through all the Amulet  books and started reading  immediately.

amulet books

My 8.5 year old son reading Amulet 4, The Last Council.

After a few days, he was so proud and he brought me book 1 and told me this was the first big book he ever finished. Yes, the comic book style is much easier to read, but what the series did was spark my son’s interest in reading. He has had a few books here and there he has enjoyed, but he always needs someone to help him read through it. The Amulet books he is reading on his own.

Amulet Books Overview

Here is a quick overview of Amulet 4 The Last Council:

Emily and her friends think they’ll find the help they need in Cielis, but something isn’t right.  Streets that were once busy are deserted, and the townspeople who are left live in fear.  Emily is soon escorted to the Academy, where she’s expected to compete for a spot on the Guardian Council, a group of the most powerful Stonekeepers.  But as the number of competitors gets smaller and smaller, an awful secret is slowly uncovered – a secret that, if left buried, means the certain destruction of everything Emily fights for.

Amulet 4 The Last Council Video

and if you prefer video, here you go…

Amulet books

Amulet 4, The Last Council

Amulet Books Giveaway 


But instead of a video here, I’ll do an Amulet books giveaway!

Scholastic, Inc. has offered to give three(3) of my reader all 4 Amulet Books (Prize Value: $10.99/book).

Three (3) winners will receive the whole series:

  •  Copy of AMULET Book Four: The Last Council
  •  PLUS Books One – Three

To Enter (Required):

Leave me a comment below letting me know what the first book is that you remember reading as a kid. (For me, the first one I remember was Little Women.)

Additional Entry (Optional):

Tweet this post using the twitter button before or after this post and use the hashtag #Amulet. Leave a comment below with a link to your tweet.

The giveaway ends on Wednesday, October 12, 2011 at 10:00 pm ET. At that time I will randomly choose 3 entries using “And The Winner Is” and notify the winners via email.  The winners will have 24 hours to respond or I will choose another winner.

Disclosure: I received a complete set of the 4 Amulet books in exchange for this review and giveaway from Scholastic, Inc. As always all opinions about Amulet books are 100% my own (and my sons.)