We played a lot of video games this year just so we could tell you which ones are the best family video games for 2013. I’m a firm believer that there are some positive benefits from playing video games when you use the “everything in moderation” mentality for playing games. (I received some of the following games for review. There are no guarantees that the game will be on a gift guide. Affiliate links within post.) best family video games 2013I’ll be sharing with you the family video games for the Playstation, Wii, Xbox, PC, PS Vita and 3DS. Those are the platforms we have in our house.

Best Family Video Games

LEGO Friends for 3DS

My 9-year-old daughter and I played this game the most. As I said, we are big LEGO video game fans and now there is one geared for girls. Megan has always loved playing with LEGOs with her brother and when the Friends series came out, she was so excited that she had some in her favorite colors. The Friends in the LEGO game all have a specialty; soccer player, performer, interior designer, animal trainer and science enthusiast. The 5 Friends join the girls on an adventure through Heartland City. I received this game for review.

best family video games

LEGO Legends of Chima: Laval’s Journey for PS Vita (E10)

My 10-year-old son wants this game for Christmas on his PS Vita. He has talked about it for some time. He loves the LEGO games that involve a storyline and moving up levels. The LEGO Legends of Chima has 15 levels of adventure discovering the legend of the triple-Chi. I received this game for review.

best family video games We Sing Pop for Wii (T)

My family loves to perform. Some of us are good and some of us are not so good (while some of us are really good…you can figure out where I fall.) The WeSing Pop game for Wii is so much fun because we all get to perform either alone or together. I love any of the singing or dancing games and this one has pop songs that we love to sing already. Songs from Adele, Lady GaGa, Village People, Fergie and a lot more. This game is only for the Wii and you can have 4 singers at the same time. You can learn how to sing in the training mode or try Karaoke mode. This game is rated Teen and I believe it is because of the songs. You need to make the call for your family. I received this game or review.

we sing pop best family video gamesSkylanders SWAP Force for Playstation 3

We have been a big Skylanders fan since it first came out. We started with the Playstation version so that is what we have continued with, but you can play it on the Wii and Xbox 360.

The game includes figures which can be purchased separately and you can take your figures with you to a friend’s house and play with your friends. As you add new figures, you are adding new characters to the game.

best family video games gift buideHot Wheels World’s Best Driver for PS3 (E)

The Hot Wheels World’s Best Driver game allows you to customize your car and do stunts, drive an obstacle course and compete in Hot Wheels Test Facilities to become the World’s Best Driver. The game is available for Xbox 360 & 3DS. I received the game for review.

hot wheels world's best driver PS3 best family video game.Just Dance 2014 for Kinect Xbox 360 (#10)

All of the Just Dance games on the Kinect are a lot of fun because you do not need a controller so you are free to move your body and Just Dance. Just Dance 2014 has all new songs and you can also join a virtual dance crew and play with your friends even when you are not in the same room. This game also gets you moving a lot, so if you are working out and need a change of pace….try any of the Just Dance games. best family video games Just Dance 2014 for kinect LEGO Marvel Super Heroes for XBOX ONE (E10) Yes, there was another LEGO game that came out this year. The LEGO Marvel Super Heroes game has many of the super heroes and villains from Marvel.You can travel to LEGO New York and many other locations from the Marvel Universe. You get to help save the earth. We are not far in this game since my son just got the Xbox One, but so far, it’s a winner. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Xbox One

Tearaway for Playstation Vita (E)

The Tearaway game is only for the PS Vita. You receive missions from a messenger delivered just to you. As you go through the missions, your hands will appear in the Tearaway world when you touch the back of the PS Vita. It’s an interesting blend of the Tearaway world with your own world. I received this game for review. Tearaway for Playstation Vita Knack for PlayStation 4 (E10) I have to admit this is the only game on the list that we have NOT played at all. We have seen it played and I’ve read about it and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. Knack is the hero of the game who protects mankind from a new threat. Knack is 3 feet tall and uses powers from ancient relics to help him. Knack for Playstation 4 What other family video games would you recommend? Disclosure: I received some of the games above or review (noted above.) No guarantees that the games will be included in a gift guide. All opinions are 100% my own. Affiliate links within post. Amazon Links: