10 Science Related Shows on Netflix #NetflixKids #Spon

10 Science related shows on Netflix

10 Science related shows on NetflixDo your kids watch a lot of Netflix? Great, glad it’s not only mine. Netflix has many educational titles available to stream for your kids. As a member of the Netflix Stream Team, I receive compensation in the form of product.

My kids do not love science, but I’ve noticed that when they watch shows related to science, they are very interested. It’s not that they don’t want to know how things work, they just need to see it and not read about it in a science textbook. I’m the same way, so I understand it.

5 Science Related Titles for Your Big Kids

1. How Stuff Works

How Stuff Works As the title says, this shows explains how stuff works. My husband and I have watched this a few times. I’m always fascinated with how stuff works. How-Stuff-Works-Food-and-Beverage_EN_US_StoryArt

2. How Do They Do It

How do they do it

You get to go behind the scenes of many of our modern-day wonders. A few examples are glossy magazines, nuclear power, piano building and restoring film.

how do they do it

3. How the Universe Works

how the universe works

The universe is something that most of us may never see, but yet it is so exciting. How the Universe Works goes into detail about the Big Bang, Black Holes, planets, stars and much more.

How the Universe Works

4. Is It Possible?Is It Possible?

Is It Possible? is a Discovery Channel series and each episode covers many science facts and is very interactive with quizzes and games.

Is it possible?

5. Mythbusters

Mythbusters show

Mythbusters is one of my favorite shows. The team takes common myths (urban legends) and tries to bust them. They prove them either right or wrong. One example is “can a mobile phone ignite gasoline fumes?” The guys on this show make science a ton of fun. You can tell they love what they do and they make science easy to understand.


 5 Science Related Shows for Your Younger Kids

1. The Magic School Bus

The Magic School Bus

I love Ms. Frizzle. She takes her classes on the greatest science adventures. All 4 of my kids have watched The Magic School Bus. My favorite is when they get really small and go inside the human body. I learned a lot watched Ms. Fizzle take her class on field trips. So, this one can also be put up in the category for bigger kids too.

Magic School Bus

2. Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius

Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius

Jimmy Neutron has a blast with science and his friends. He has to save the adults when they are abducted by aliens and you know that science has to fit in there somewhere when we are talking about space.

Jimmy Neutron

3. Peep and the Big Wide World

Peep and the Big Wide World

Peep and the Big Wide World is for very young kids and explains things like eggs hatching and leaves falling.

Peep and the Big Wide World

4. Animal Mechanicals

Animal Mechanicals

Animal Mechanicals is for preschoolers. The 5 animal friends go on adventures in interesting places. Each animal can also transform into a shape.

animal mechanicals

5. Wild Kratts

Wild Kratts on Netflix

Wild Kratts is an animated version of the Kratt brothers. Brothers Chris & Martin have Creature Power Suits and come face to face with many animal creatures.

Wild Kratts

There you have 10 science shows that your kids can stream on Netflix. The best thing about these shows is that they are fun and interesting, so your kids won’t even know they are learning. Shhhh! If you don’t tell, I won’t.

netflix logo #netflixkids

Disclosure: As a member of the Netflix Stream Team, I receive compensation in the form of product. All opinions are my own.

Do you have any other science related shows that your family watches on Netflix?

Let me know what you thought!!

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